Standards, Comments and Quotes

Reading Standards:

I read just about everything under the sun. I draw the line at romance novels and erotica, because I think the psychological and emotional ramifications of reading such trash is just as bad if not worse than the effects of the sexual content.

That said, I have read and enjoyed many books that have the occasional racy/erotic scene written into the story. Generally I just skip over that part, since after 2 decades of fruitful marriage, I know how sex works. The presence of such material in context, as a part of a well written and superbly executed work, is not enough for me to toss aside the book or refuse to review it. I will however, offer fair warning as part of the review for those of you whose standards are much stricter than my own.

Additionally, I read books with political and religious points of view that differ from my own. I am well past the age of easy impressionability and feel confident reviewing material with which I may disagree. There is no litmus test here based on religious correctness. Again, when the work is one that contains extensive material that needs to be disclaimed, I will do so.

When reviewing children’s books, I will categorize age appropriately and also offer any information concerning ideas that may need to be dissected more closely with young readers.

Comment Policy:

The goal here is to inspire readers to pick up a book and be able to discuss them in an age in which technology has largely hindered our ability to engage in focused, sustained reading in lieu of parroting results of Google searches and Wikipedia as evidence of our “profound” wisdom.

That reminds me: Comments along the lines of “If you liked that book Elspeth, you’ll really like this one!” are always, always welcome.

Lastly, my husband and my kids read here as well as many dear friends. So… please be as courteous and thoughtful as you would sitting on my living room sofa. Honesty and ugly truths (are there such things?) are welcome. Meanness? That’ll get you thrown out.

About book quotes:

Unless otherwise indicated, I pull the quotes from the books I’ve read from Goodreads as a layer of protection regarding copyright concerns.

Additonally, all quotes issued are within standard fair use guidelines, which allows brief quotes from works for the purpose of reviews and analysis.

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