Friday Fave: Matt Walsh Story Hour

Conservative podcast host Matt Walsh is now a best-selling children’s author. His new book, released by the Daily Wire’s publishing arm, is titled Johnny the Walrus.

It’s a board book for kids with a whimsical, common sense, and explicitly non-political take on the trangender craze. He never uses the terms “trans” or “gender” or “sex” in the book, but the message is clear.

Walsh, as anyone who has watched his show is well aware, is not an exemplar of charisma, gregariousness, or charm. His shtick is more like an angry old man in a young man’s body most of the time. That’s what makes this video so very funny to me!

Watch as Walsh reads his new book to a room full of young kids. I loved every second. Our family laughed out loud.

Happy Friday and enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Friday Fave: Matt Walsh Story Hour

  1. hearthie says:

    The “clearly I am a dad because I know how to handle a room full of goofy kids” is fun too.

    The kids looking at him like, “who wants to eat worms? ” was priceless.


  2. Will S. says:

    Reblogged this on Patriactionary and commented:

    I saw a reference to this on someone’s Twitter; I thought it was a parody!

    Hey, I have my differences with Matt Walsh, but good on him for this!

    This is how culture war is waged back! 🙂

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