In Other’s Words: An El’s Rabbit Trail Post

In which I wax political…

This may seem wholly irrelevant on a blog dedicated to education and literature, but it’s relevant to me because I teach history, and am currently immersed in studying the end results of one-party dominance combined with the inability of a people to educate themselves and self-govern.

If you had told me, even 5 years ago, that large swaths of the American populace would be literally begging for the state to govern them harder, I would have thought y’all crazy. In my naivete, I thought the rule of law would somehow assert itself because even the most partisan of partisans would surely see that laws selectively enfored are no laws at all. But here we are, and as I am taking my students through the Communist revolutions of the early 20th century, I am perturbed.

So, bear with me as I share this post from Sondjata at Garvey’s Ghost in its entirety:

Lawlessness in Virginia

Last year I practically begged Democrats, particularly black Democrats, who won’t vote for a Republican or Libertarian or anyone other than a Democrat, to at LEAST vote for sane Democrats.  Y’all voted for an early alzheimer’s patient anyway.

So at this point I don’t expect much. Well I actually don’t expect anything.

Two points for those who may still not have their mouths firmly attached to the Dem phallus:

First, the VP is releasing a tape to [black] churches in VA in which she openly endorses a candidate for governor. I don’t care WHO the candidate is, ’cause that’s not relevant. The fact is, that it is against the law for a church or any other 501c3 (tax exempt) organization to engage in partisan campaigning. Hence, by showing the video those churches are in violation of the law and *should* be subject to revocation of their tax exempt status (something I think they should be anyway for other reasons) and be subject to taxation.

But the fact that they would engage in this blatantly illegal behavior tells you what you need to know. You cannot be expecting the police to “treat us” (as in black people) fairly and to be held to account under the law, and then reward blatant law breaking by your church.

That would make you a hypocrite.

Secondly, A school board in your state actively covered up multiple sexual assaults by a student claiming to be “binary” or whatever the hell they want to call themselves. A parent of one of the victims of assault attempted to petition the school board (his absolute right) to address that situation (among others) and he was arrested and charged.

This is what these people are about. They have no regard for your children anymore. A candidate for state high office said that he doesn’t think YOU have a right to determine what your schools teach children.

Ya’ll voted these people in. I would think you all have enough sense to vote those people out. But I’m not holding my breath.

Y’all made a bad choice some 11 months ago and now you have to wonder if your supermarket is going to run out of stuff you need. Gasoline prices are through the roof and winter is coming. Oh, and some of you are being fired for asserting the right to decide your own medical care.

Let’s see how many of you wake up in time to say no to those responsible.

/End rant.

6 thoughts on “In Other’s Words: An El’s Rabbit Trail Post

  1. Bike Bubba says:

    Now how do you really feel? :^)

    Seriously, well said. The one with the sexual assault is the one that shocks me the most, as it’s something that any sane district would have a handle on. It’s a terrifying illustration of the reality of allowing “trans” people into the ladies’ bathroom and locker rooms; that those who are not necessarily “trans” at all will use it as a way of gaining easy access to victims.

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  2. Crystal Keller says:

    Well you put it out there. How many responses will you get on this one? Are most of your readers white moms? Do you know your audience demographic? I’m curious if you’ll get angry responses to this. Thanks for sharing.

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