The Colors of Fall

We live in the tropics, which means we don’t experience the changes that those of you in northern climes associate with the onset of fall. It’s green here year round in Florida, which makes our beautiful winters. However, I’ve often wished we experienced the spectacular bursts of fall color that inspires post cards, calendars, and photography.

I do love where I live. It has taken me nearly all my life, but somehow I found the resolve to gratefully bloom where I’m planted, and see that God’s fingerprints exist here as much as anywhere else. Ironically, it was the pandemic that kicked our exploration of our home, The Sunshine State, into overdrive and caused us to explore places, some as little as an hour away, that we never even knew existed.

What follows is not a lament for greener grass. After all, there is nothing to be gained from that! However fall colors are stunning, and worth a trip to see in all of their glory, so that’s exactly what we did last week. For our fall break, we spent several days in the mountains of North Carolina. One of the best parts, in addition to all of the natural beauty, was having conversations with people from all over the United States who, like us, made the trip to see fall in of it’s east coast glory. Enjoy the show!

Fresh-picked apples!

I am always struck by my relative lack of fitness when we hike in the mountains. Jogging around on flat, paved streets and sidewalks does precious little to proeare one for elevated hikes.

Along the trails

The best part of fall is the stunning colors.

Look at it!

I suppose a picture of me on the mountains is in order as well:

One of my husband’s favorite parts of traveling to the mountains is the water, streams, and rocks:

I hope you’re enjoying the changing seasons; if the seasons are changing wherever you are.

Happy Fall y’all!

7 thoughts on “The Colors of Fall

  1. Curly Sue says:

    My husband and I just got back from a trip to to visit some friends who live in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It was peak fall color there. Really beautiful.

    I can also relate to the issue of lack of fitness for climbing up, up, up…

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  2. elspeth says:

    Believe it or not, Curly Sue, this was our youngest kids’ first time experiencing fall. This is mainly because 90% of all trips we take are taken in summer. No fall to see, and it had been several years since we traveled in fall. They really loved it.

    But yes. I felt incredibly out of shape. It’s not as if I’m a super fit fitness buff, but I exercise daily, and jog 3 times a week. None of it was a match for the uphill climbs of a mountain hike. None of it.


  3. hearthie says:

    Love it! But where has greener grass than FL?!!?!! 😀

    Your husband and I have the same taste in scenery.
    And this is why I refuse to walk “around the block”. Too hilly, hurts the calves.

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  4. Elspeth says:

    Yes, you’re right Hearth. It is pretty green here. No denying that! Ponce de Leon called this place La Florida for a reason.

    But it’s so flat, and swampy, and it really did take me most of my life to get over my desire to be somewhere else and learn to love it here. So the grass and multi-colored fall leaves of the N.Carolina mountains seemed so much greener!

    But just for the moment. It was fun, but it’s good to be home. The weather was beautiful here today. We got a taste of fall just as we got back to FL.

    It’ll be hot again tomorrow, though!

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  5. Will S. says:

    Pretty country. More sugar maples than I would have figured, that far south.

    Then again, in a park across the road from my house, there is a tree planted there which is usually native to Kentucky, and it seems to be thriving, not finding our Ontario climate too cold or harsh.

    Guess the climate range from up here to the mid-south isn’t that great, until one gets to the deeper south…

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