Another Quotable from A Man of Letters

In a letter to a friend dated June 1976, Thomas Sowell offers an update on his professional and academic life before adding this insightful turn:

I am also winding up a relationship with a woman who is both “liberated” and clinging- the world’s worst combination- but is otherwise a fine person. We will both need time to recover.

I have determined that what I am most enjoying from this compilation, A Man of Letters, are the little gems which offer insight into the man many have called the most important social and political intellectual of the past half century. Of course, there are far more who have called him much more unkind things while blocking his work from public view.

Expect many more quotes from A Man of Letters in the coming weeks. I promise you will find them both educational and enjoyable.

Happy Monday!

6 thoughts on “Another Quotable from A Man of Letters

  1. ofmariaantonia says:

    I have been listening to some of his interviews on youtube. Never heard of him prior to a few years ago, yet everything I come across now makes wonder why not… This man is extremely insightful. I may just have to find a copy of this book!

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  2. Elspeth says:

    Good morning, ofmariaantonia:

    I discovered Dr. Sowell purely by accident about 20 years ago. When I learned that he had been tarred, feather, and castigated by the NAACP when Reagan nominated him for a post back in the early 80s, it made total sense to me why I had never heard of him.

    It’s a fascinating story because he is not a conservative in the sense that we often think of conservatives. He is an empiricist; a prolific and honest researcher who believes that achieving real and lasting results based on the evidence is far more important than emotional validation or catharsis.

    We postmoderns want to feel good, though…

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  3. Crystal Keller says:

    I look forward to your TS quotes. It makes me think, sometimes laugh, and often reminds me to pray for him to find Jesus before it’s too late.


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  4. Bike Bubba says:

    Agreed that liberated and clinging are two very difficult characteristics–two that come to come to mind as equally dangerous are a couple of things I’ve seen in my own children; impetuous and bullheaded.


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