Quotable Literary Quotes: P.G. Wodehouse

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P.G. Wodehouse is one of my favorite humorist authors; always sure to make me chuckle when I can really use good laugh. This is one of those seasons. His quotes are equal parts insightful and funny. Here are just a few:

~”Woman is the unfathomable, incalculable mystery, the problem that we men can never hope to solve.”

~“And she’s got brains enough for two, which is the exact quantity the girl who marries you will need.”

~“The voice of Love seemed to call to me, but it was a wrong number.”

~“He had just about enough intelligence to open his mouth when he wanted to eat, but certainly no more.”

That last one gets me every time! Happy Tuesday.

6 thoughts on “Quotable Literary Quotes: P.G. Wodehouse

  1. Will S. says:

    ” ”Woman is the unfathomable, incalculable mystery, the problem that we men can never hope to solve.” ”

    Clearly, P.G. Wodehouse just didn’t understand female psychology that well; or as we moderns call it, Game. 😉

    I don’t find women mysterious; neither do most of the manosphere. That ship has long sailed away! 🙂

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  2. Heidi says:

    I adore Wodehouse. Yes Jeeves and Wooster, but also Ukeridge, Lord Emsworth, Psmith, Mr. Mulliner, The Oldest Member, and all of the marvelous secondary characters. Every page of Wodehouse is a Bartlett’s of humorous quotations.


  3. Heidi says:

    …Oh yes–whenever I am in early labor, I find that Wodehouse is exactly the right author to distract me from the pain. Not as good as an epidural, but considerably funnier.


  4. Elspeth says:

    @ Heidi:

    I like Wodehouse, and I agree he’s top notch funny, but I don’t know if he could distract me from labor pains, LOL!!!

    I hope all is well with you and your new little one. 🙂


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