Math is manual labor for the mind

This short post is a highly insightful observation about the trajectory of education and its increasing feminization. This is particularly true as we watch the academic establishment dismantle math instruction in the name of “diversity, equity, and inclusion”.

4 thoughts on “Math is manual labor for the mind

  1. professorGBFMtm2021 says:

    Elspeth,now you are getting more manospheric here, right?If there is school subject, I would just go on autopilot with&get nearly automatic B+ grades from it was math!Especialy algebra,which I definitely never realy studied&only in the last 3 years discovered the in-depthness of it!In other words being male realy helps figure out the equation of life much easier!Elspeth have you ever read john taylor gattos ”underground history of american education”book from 2000?Where he explains how elites have dumbed down public education in diffirent waves since the early 20th century part,mainly?


  2. Elspeth says:

    I’m way more interested in pedagogy and educational trajectories in general than anything manospherian on this one. In addition to my time as a homeschooling parent, I’ve also taught other students over the past few years in various contexts. I’m also highly interested in the future of how we (Christians, I mean) educate our kids and adjust to the new economic realities facing us when the credential bubble bursts.

    There’s also the issue of being equipped to deal with the difficulties of navigating life in an employment and education culture that is increasingly hostile to Christians. All that to say, this topic pushed several mental buttons for me.

    It also just happens that TPC, who is a sharp and balanced thinker, zeroed in on the fact an educational system overrun with women will necessarily decline in every subject that favors male ways of thinking and doing.


  3. Bike Bubba says:

    Another way of phrasing it in a way that Hearthie might appreciate is that math is squats and deadlifts for your future. Most careers don’t have you doing that for its own sake, but it practices the motions that you’ll need for doing a lot of careers, develops the mental strength you need for life.

    I’ve been taking the grading for #4 and #5 lately–algebra and 7th grade arithmetic–and it’s actually somewhat fun to help them understand that what they’re doing really is their gateway to their future–well, at least any future beyond fast food,retail, or manufacturing for people who can’t handle a ball or puck well. :^) It’s really a blessing to watch them start to think a lot more straight, etc.., as they get the feedback and something they don’t get in most schools; “correct these this way before you go on.”

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  4. Elspeth says:

    Math is important,I agree. I am more inclined to believe we’re headed for Egypt’s “seven lean cows” scenario in this country, and we’re all gonna learn to live at a lower level anyway, but a proper education is powerful either way. That means strong math instruction as well as classical emphasis.

    But as TPC noted, our current structure seems to have ZERO interest in a proper education in math, or anything else for that matter.


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