Defending the Western Classics

Young Heretics’ Spencer Klavan

It just occurred to me this morning that I am long overdue on plugging one of my favorite podcasts.

With the continued assault on the good, true, and beautiful art and literature of the Western tradition, it’s important that we support those who are extolling the richness and riches of Western culture. Unlike many people today, I am actually quite grateful for having been born and educated in the west.

I’m a huge podcast listener. Most of the podcasts I consistently listen to are male produced, although I have been known to listen to a few women, albeit less consistently. Michael Knowles is among my favorites because in addition to his cultural and political take on things, he consistently extols the true, good, and beautiful while being unyielding on objective truth. This post, however, was not inspired by Michael Knowles, who is far too young to be so wise in my opinion. No, this post is inspired by Young Heretics. From the website:

Piloted by its Oxford-educated host Spencer Klavan, Young Heretics provides an open forum for exploring the concepts of truth, beauty, and everything that makes Western culture great in the face of an increasingly hostile academia, media, and culture.

Most of us -of a certain age, at least- were taught some classic literature that is part of the Western canon of great literature. In recent decades, students are receiving less and less exposure to the classics in favor of modern and postmodern twaddle. Now that the academic world is overtly hostile to the political, cultural, and literary traditions of the West, fewer students than ever before are experiencing any of these classics. enter Young Heretics.

The beauty of this podcast is that it genuinely celebrates western literature. Klavan definitely has a perspective, and he doesn’t hide his conservative leanings. However, his podcasts are specifically about exploring great books, poetry, prose and plays, for the love of Western literature. He doesn’t do this because he is trying to stake out a political position. He shares his thoughts on The Twelfth Night because Shakespeare’s genius deserves continued celebration for its own sake.

I highly suggest checking out Young Heretics. If nothing else, you’ll get a fun and stimulating crash course in western literature and at least a sliver of a classical education.

Have a great rest of your week, and I hope to round out our dissection of Voddie Baucham’s Fault Lines on Monday.

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