Friday Faves: Launch Sky

Happy Friday! I had nothing planned for this Friday’s Fave post. This week has been pretty much a grind. But then…

This morning, around 6AM, as my man and I were out before dawn doing our normal weekday workout, the sky caught his notice. Because we almost never watch local news reports, we were completely unaware that Spacex was planning a manned launch this morning at 5:49 AM. It was the unmistakable signs in the sky that clued us in to what was happening.

Phone cameras are generally not the best tools to use when capturing photos of the night sky, but that was all we had on us, so that’s what we used. These are subpar to be sure, but hopefully they provide a hint of the dazzling effects of the launch on our pre-dawn sky.

The first thing we noticed.

I made an obligatory joke that the aliens have finally arrived. Afterward, we began to watch the skyline change over the next several minutes. A few minutes later, it looked like this:

The last photo we took was the beautiful distilling of the clouds and light as they interacted with the wind:

The pre-dawn sky is always lovely, but this was a especially striking.

Happy Friday. I hope to continue our dive into Fault Lines on Monday.

4 thoughts on “Friday Faves: Launch Sky

  1. professorGBFMtm2021 says:

    Elspeth,I always like these nightsky posts of yours!You see the latest post at jacks!?Where I as usual stood up for all of us ”not in communion” protestants?While supposed catholics&orthodox who beleave not pope francis is the vicar of christ(But their in communion with rome or god?) like us who know theirs only one mediator between mankind&god,the man known as the christ jesus!How many times do I have to repeat this at jacks?Dal’ as you know stood up for them,then they pull this on us kids,elspeth?
    P.S.They still can’t beleave protestants like yourself,voddie baucham&the professor are so bible&book smart can they?
    Would’nt it be great if there was team jeopardy,where all of us elspeth would emerge victorious at the end of our long grueling knowledge battles?I also never understood that 2-4 finger stuff,the fruit of the tree is a much easier tell,right?Why make life more complicated,right?Just like all this ”game theory” stuff I never needed as most can obviously tell, also right?


  2. Elspeth says:

    Glad you liked my post, Professor. Those are not my best pics. There are some interesting nature shots under my “extremely amateur photography'” tag. My favorite is the one my husband took of a snake eating a frog. I’ll find the link for you later!

    But yeah. The theology discussions are fascinating but always dead end at some point.


  3. Will S. says:

    Good on Elon Musk and his private space venture!

    The market will reap the benefits of space long before governments ever do again. 🙂

    How cool to live in Florida, whence rockets launch spaceward! 🙂


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