Friday Faves: Trumpet Trees

It’s pretty warm in Florida right now. Last week, while nearly the entire rest lower 48 was digging out from under ice, we had a cool snap with high temperatures in the upper sixties. This weekend, it’s going to be even warmer, with temperatures in the 80s. I’m not really a fan of 80s in February, so I’m kind of looking forward to our next “cold” front.

With spring just around the corner (Can y’all believe March 1st only 3 days away?), there’s a familiar site emerging around these parts. Every time I walk outside or drive around town, I am treated to the dazzling spectacle of pink or golden trumpet trees in full bloom, and I love it.

Aren’t they beautiful?

Truth is, we won’t really transition into perpetual daily warm temperatures until May. Temperatures will continue to waffle up and down for the next couple of months. Right now, walks outside are still pleasant due to more breeze and slightly less humidity. So I’m taking this opportunity to enjoy the early signs of spring.

Happy Friday, All!

7 thoughts on “Friday Faves: Trumpet Trees

  1. maea says:

    Those golden should trees strike the fancy of any LOTR fan. All that’s missing are elves! The pictures are a welcome sight for a north-Midwestern who only gets pine for now, lol.

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  2. nellperkins says:

    We have a pink tulip tree in our yard here in East Tennessee and, if it was blooming now, I’d be freaking out! Beautiful pics!


  3. professorGBFMtm2021 says:

    Are you at least a admirer of 79 year old knockouts in feburary, like so many men on the must-hear radio show, sgt.pibbs lonely hearts club radio show?


  4. karly says:

    Those trees are beautiful!!

    I can relate to your temperatures, living in the desert southwest. This past week saw near 80s, then 70s, and today, 61 that supposedly feels like 58 because of the wind. (Does AZ even have a wind chill?) We embrace these up and down temps– soon enough, it won’t matter what the temperature is, it’ll just be consistently hot for many months. 🙂

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