Word Nerd Wednesday: Competence.

Competence Personified.

A picture, as they say, is worth 1000 words. But for anyone who needs convincing, just ask. I have my facts all lined up.

Happy Wednesday.

8 thoughts on “Word Nerd Wednesday: Competence.

  1. Elspeth says:

    Folks have been making fun of Florida for years. Years! But guess where everyone is flocking to right now (even if it’s just for a short vacation and respite from the madness in their own states)?

    Three guesses, but I suspect you’ll only need one, 🙂


  2. professorGBFMtm2021 says:

    When I met you at the station!You were standing with a bootleg in your hand!Going to get HAPPY,HAPPY,HAPPY in the miami sun!Ed leedskalin knew the secrets of the pyramids but never explained them!”You will be seeing a unusual accomplishment”in wellington,palm beach!
    I woke up around 6:30am &see you have a new post up!You know what I was doing heavily in 2012 while everybody on dal’ was still talking about FIREPROOF&GREGOIRE?Riding through MIAMI VICE CITY by way of GTA:ANTHOLOGY! on my laptop while blasting on the mp3 radio station COVERDALE/WHITESNAKES 1987 albums guitar-heavy ”STILL OF THE NIGHT” &”GIVE ME ALL YOUR LOVIN”!I did’nt play spiked gauntlet music cause I love MIAMI VICE CITY as if ”I LOVED LA” in 1983 with a nasty redhead at my side while loving ventura blvd also!See where I was having problem leaving reply so I had to switch over?Stroke+2seizures will cause things like this to happen even to someone who knows MONA&BLACHE!P.S.Most know florida was mainly wooded until late 1800s or early 1900s?Guess who does?EXTRA DEEPSTRENGTHKNOWLEDGE DROP P.S.How many know about that ED LEEDSKALIN MANOWARtm medieval coral castle in wellington, palm beach?See the professor name everybody?Now you know why I amaze most people in RL too right,while also giving a blast from the past?

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  3. Elspeth says:

    Miami is beautiful this time of year, GBFM! It never gets old, really. You should pop on down and enjoy the sun and surf. SAM and I were down there right before the pandemic hit and all the lock downs started:


    Luckily for us, Florida, under the stellar leadership of the wonderful Ron Desantis, followed the actual science and opened back up as soon as we had the information to support doing so. Unlike the rest of the country.

    So you should visit (assuming you’re not a Floridian)! I always encourage freedom loving people to come on down, but the statists? Nah. Stay where you’re at. We like it here just the way it is. 🙂


  4. professorGBFMtm2021 says:

    But I have barely been out of the ole’ mid-atlantic territory of the jim crocket(Like crocket on ”miami vice”)promotion of the National Wrestling Alliance(N.W.A.now mostly over since 1994?Now see why icecube,dr.dre&easy e. got my attention!?) in the past 40+years!
    I mainly travel virtualy like to LONDON in ontario,canada,as sort of explained in my reveal comment on JACKS with my POWER OF POWER-METAL knowledge with jubilee(girl in long yellow coat with fireworks from hands) voice actress on 90s x-men cartoon alyson court who will be turning 50 in nov,2023!I’am mostly at-home Loner mainly in life!Hence why I loved loner MICHAEL SAVAGE&teddy thetoypoodle who was/is a dog-loner, who usualy just stayed in pajamas at home instead of going to restuarants that he usualy later regretted going too!KNOWLEDGEP.S.I know alot by keeping my mind busy with other stuff than all this heavier sex stuff from the last 20 years!Thats not going to get my attention a medieval castle in florida with my love of also history?P.S.You know I’am actualy the biggest unknown fan of GBFMtm carrying on his work?He became EPICSTOICphilosophy at that blog on 08/19/2017!As I told everyone at JACKS in SCOTTS ”FAD DEIT” post?All of the DALROCKIANS are like my friends&family!When people see my dalrockians class reunion picture from backin da day (that everybody posed for that even sheilia&mark driscoll, as guest dalrockians too, joined all of you for remember that elspeth?) and ask ”who are these people?”I say ”thats my unknown to them, extended family of bros&sisters”!All of you were more my friends&family than most of my extended family!I have afew dozen+ 2nd&3rd cousins I have never met!Why?I Mostly keep to myself like on ”miami vice city!”


  5. professorGBFMtm2021 says:

    That first sunny&warm winter together!!We can find it once again!We had it all in florida!Can we have it once again in key largo?We had it all just like bogey&bacall,sailing away to key largo!My brave face in ’89!I’ve been living in style in KEY LARGO ever since bogey&bacall&bertie higgins!Can this be the end?P.S.See my styling at handsheart&HERTHIE?On her ” she was told she could run but we were told we could rock” post elspeth?


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