Friday Faves: My Anniversary Cake.

We’re celebrating our anniversary this week; 27 years and counting. We almost never buy one another anniversary gifts. We prefer instead to channel that money into having an enjoyable experience together. We have a nice dinner, maybe go spend one night in a nice hotel somewhere, etc. In fact, that’s almost always our modus operandi for every occasion except Christmas. We tend prize experiences over buying things that gather dust and take up space. Our kids usually just say, “Happy Anniversary!” and then promptly set about their day. In other words, it’s a low key event around here.

However this year, the most amazing food blogger you’ve never heard of decided to surprise us with a very delicious and very cute cake. It was a 6″ vanilla cake with boysenberry filling and a lemon buttercream frosting topped with blackberries and mint leaves.

Being grateful for the love, rather than worrying about the fact that eating cake cuts directly against my current fitness goals, was the challenge. I rose to it, and I’m glad I did because this was a really good cake. It was an original recipe, too, which made it taste even better.

Happy Friday, all!

12 thoughts on “Friday Faves: My Anniversary Cake.

  1. Bike Bubba says:

    Happy Anniversary, Elspeth and Secret Agent Man! (did I get that right?)

    I wouldn’t sweat the calories on your wonderful daughter’s creation–I’ve learned over the years that a nice long walk with one’s spouse can alleviate that problem. (having a couple of dogs in the house has helped Mrs. Bubba and I a lot over the years….)

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  2. hearthie says:

    Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful cake. πŸ™‚ ❀ Eat the cake, and make the girls happy and get a dog and walk it? ROFLMBO. (aka how to give your children a present on YOUR anniversary).


  3. professorGBFMtm2021 says:

    Happy anniversary,
    I just saw this!You know thats true about my main day-time nurse being the beautiful&talented CAPRICE(for about 3 weeks, she was 24years old&going to nursing school while living with her parents{You think she was a secret ELSPETH FAN?}!She said this as a big snow storm came into town) right?I’m not allowed to be happy it brings certain guys down that others might be happy!I rehash mel gibson too much?Thats all some know is madmax?I get along with most people! Know many people who could easily carry on a 6-month relationship at age 7 like I did with my first G.F. until she had to move to another state or be friends with a EX-VEITNAM JEHOVAH WITNESS 68-year old black man while I , a white guy that was almost 30 years younger than him?Typical or outlier that proves most of the usual rules!?P.S.Alot of my merry-making comes from loving 1950’s&teddy the toy-poodle stories of life on the ole’ savage nation!I’m eccentric right?WILLP.S.Ever hear BOB DYLAN’s ”BLOWING IN THE METALLIC- WIND”?The critics loved it!ELSPETHP.S.latest merrymakings after JACKS was DEEP STRENGTHS posts!BIKERBUBBAP.S.You still riding HARLEYS while avoiding the cops shotgun blasts like LEMMY on the ”KILLED BY DEATH” OFFICIAL music video!P.S.Like this more typical commenting ELSPETH?HERTHIEP.S.You know thats true about my feet being a problem a while back right?

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  4. professorGBFMtm2021 says:

    ELSPETH,I have never understood a certain guy what is he looking for?Hes like BONO&U2 in 1987’sJOSHUA TREE?(Thats not OPERA-METAL so my knowledge is a little off here!) album!Whatever hes looking for is’nt in the MANOSPHERE or he would have found it by now or maybe he should consult SCOTT,Who I just left a insightful comment for on latest post at JACKS that I just saw you liked!Plus another serious one at LEXETLAWBLOG now too!


  5. hearthie says:

    Hi GBFM. Apologies – I monitor multiple websites in RL and at work, and spam scanning/dumping is one of my jobs. One wishes to *scan* … or one gets to read things one would rather not. I didn’t know you were real! Happy to see you out and about!


  6. Bike Bubba says:

    Professor, I must confess that my “bike”, while made in Wisconsin like the hogs, is a Trek and not a Harley. (Bike #2 is a 1977 Schwinn) Thankfully I’ve not had to avoid shotgun blasts by the police, which is a good thing because at my (lack of) speed, they’d probably hit me. Here’s the story of my nom de guerre:


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