Friday Faves: More Baking Fun.

If you’re averse to gluten-laden goodies, click away now. For real.

One of my guilty pleasures is watching chefs cooking and baking all kinds of foods on YouTube. As I have mentioned here numerous times before, ours is a family that enjoys cooking.

Recently I ran across a video featuring a chef, Richard Bertinet. He’s a French pastry chef and cookbook author whose style intrigued me. He was making these cinnamon buns and despite my very low-carb diet, I couldn’t resist trying them.

This is a different take on a traditional cinnamon roll. They not only shape differently than the traditional pastry, but the dough is much more rich and buttery. Very French!

This is not the kind of baking I would suggest as regular fare. These buns are more appropriate for special occasions such as Christmas breakfast or Easter brunch. They are just that decadent.

As always, taking the pictures was all kinds of fun. Getting a a decent shot in friendly light requires a bit of strategy.

I’m interested in getting my hands on chef Bertinet’s cookbooks. I hope my library has them so I can review them without commitment.

Happy Friday from my kitchen to yours!

6 thoughts on “Friday Faves: More Baking Fun.

  1. Bike Bubba says:

    Ah….brioche-based cinnamon rolls. I have a similar sort of recipe, except I put a bit of whole wheat flour in it and do it with sourdough. Friend of mine once said “I don’t know why I like these so much….”, to which I had to answer…butter, eggs, time….yeah, there’s a reason this hits the taste buds HARD. :^)

    I had to smile when the recipe says “full fat milk”, too. Whenever my family buys milk directly from the cow’s owner, about the first quarter to third of the milk is cream. “Whole” milk from the store doesn’t even come close. Crazier thing yet; when I cook “French”, e.g. your link or Julia Child’s work, I lose weight. Something good happens, apparently, when that fat and protein slows down the digestive process.


  2. Elspeth says:

    there’s a reason this hits the taste buds HARD

    Yes, it does. Also, because of the high level of satiety, they really stand alone as a breakfast with nothing else needed. Well, maybe a cup of coffee.

    Seriously though, I made them about three weeks ago now, and I haven’t even considered making them again. They really are a decadent treat.


  3. Bike Bubba says:

    Making them for my daughter and her bridesmaids…..yes, tomorrow is a wedding! Lucky guy is going to be in med school and needed his favorite study partner with him…

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