Friday Faves: Food and Fitness Edition

Happy Friday, all!

Did you guys hear about the entire town that has gone on a diet to stave off the possibility of residents gaining what has become known as the “quarantine fifteen”? It’s not a bad idea! While I have gotten a chuckle out of memes such as this one:

Quarantine Barbie

Not everybody thinks it’s funny. There have been a lot of articles admonishing women to stop talking about trying to stay fit when we’re all trying to stay alive. This is not only frivolous, they say, but fat phobic. The problem, of course, is that this disease is disproportionately not fat phobic. It’s a bad time to go all-in on the body positivity stuff.

Last week, I pulled a muscle in my back. At least, the doctor was pretty sure that’s what I did when we conducted our virtual doctor’s appointment. As a result, I went a whole week without weightlifting or my morning walks. I’d already put on 2 pounds in March, and although I pulled it together in April, I felt like it was time to go the extra mile to keep me on track for however long I’m spending less time out and about. Moving around at home is definitely possible, but so is stillness. I figured it drastic times call for drastic measures, and my resistance to an extremely low carb diet has melted away.

I’m not interested in keto as a way of life. Period. Florida peaches are in season right now. My daughter drove recently out to a farm and picked some up. Peaches off of a tree created by God in the season that they were created to be harvested. There is nothing bad about eating a peach, but I have completely cut out grains and most fruits if they are out of season. It’s been extremely helpful. Not only do I feel lighter, but I feel better.

I restarted my workout this week, and I’ve taken up keto baking as an alternative to traditional baked goods. Baking is in our blood around here, and I miss it when I can’t bake because I’m trying to get and stay fit. Two of my favorite blogs of late are Kirbie’s  Cravings and All Day I Dream About Food. Yesterday, I made these butter pecan cookies from All Day I Dream About Food:

These rolls from Kirbie’s Cravings are still one of my favorite low carb recipes:

The formal school year has ended here, so time at the kitchen table will be drastically reduced, which is also helpful. Besides math -which never takes a break- and reading good books, our school load is drastically reduced. For now, which means more opportunities to get outside.

At least until the Florida summer swelter kicks into high gear.

How are you staying healthy during this crazy season?




16 thoughts on “Friday Faves: Food and Fitness Edition

  1. hearthie says:

    Well, we found out what analysis of my past would have proven: I don’t like at-home workouts and basically can’t be bothered. I borrowed some gear from the gym, and mostly have just used the bosu ball to stretch my foot/ankles.

    I’m doing IF to keep off any extra weight past the weight I put on over holidays/surgery. It’s working, but only to hold my place, not move the dial. Don’t tell the coach, but I’m pretty happy the extra slab of muscle we’d put on my waistline has gone away – I do NOT want to be shaped like a square, kthx. I’ll forgo the handstands if it means losing yet more waist definition. I like lifting heavy stuff and thigh/butt work puts mass where my figure so badly needs it – I’m going back to deadlifts and backsquats as soon as the gym reopens.

    I take walks occasionally, but my area is *very* hilly, and a “walk around the block” is over a mile of steep up or steep down – so, just like before I found weightlifting in the first place, I can only do that a couple of times/wk, because my bad foot won’t put up with more. -sigh- I really enjoy walking, and I wish that wasn’t true. I also wish I had more walking options. But if wishes were fishes we’d walk on the sea… right?

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  2. Bike Bubba says:

    My 2nd daughter just demonstrated a squat using little brother as the weight. YMMV. Lots of biking, running, bodyweight exercises, mowing. Health slightly better because far less fast food opportunities and more time on the two wheeled torture device.

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  3. Krysta says:

    Personally, I’m finding it harder to be healthy just because what’s available on the shelves varies widely from week to week. I usually eat a diet heavy on the fruits and vegetables, but all the frozen ones (which I prefer) are routinely wiped out. It’s harder to buy fresh because then you have to eat them all at once or try to freeze them yourself. And there are some things I prefer like the peanut butter that’s just peanuts and salt, but I can’t get that anymore. All I can find now are the ones with added oils.

    I thought about just growing my own vegetables, but then I’d have to go to the home goods store, which didn’t seem in the spirit of the stay-at-home order. And I’m sure the wildlife would eat my garden anyway. 😦


  4. Elspeth says:

    Yeah Hearth. You’re going to have to somehow try to make peace with home workouts. If you don’t you’ll lose ground, especially when it comes to lifting.

    CF isn’t doing virutal workouts where you can interact with someone doing modified versions of your routine?

    I like home workouts, so I’m fine on tht score. II might even say I prefer them, probably because I’m a lifelong exerciser. My challenge is always eating well.


  5. Elspeth says:

    @ Bike:

    My kids have ridden their bikes more miles in the past 6 weeks than they had in the previous year! I’ve seen more people walking in our neighbirhood than I’ve ever seen previously, Including whole families

    I hope some of these new, society-wide healthy habits stick.


  6. Elspeth says:

    @ Krysta:

    It’s true that some supplies are getting harder to acquire. We eat mostly fresh vegetables, but the few frozen I’ve bought, I found at warehouse clubs.

    I’m a little less strident about buying supplies for growing your food violating the spirit of the stay at home order, but I appreciate your concern for your fellow citizens.

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  7. hearthie says:

    I love exercising, I just like Big Weights. Or going outside. That’s a useful thing to know about myself, that exercising is, for me, a “engage with the world” thing. i can go to my gym and chat with my people and lift, I can have a long walk, I would probably run if I could, I used to bike when I lived in a flat place… but I do not have interest in ANY of that in my house. None of it. I make myself do a bit, but … only a bit. It’s sooo boring.

    We do have daily CF workouts posted, but I’m being honest and … eh. :p

    This is helpful because I might have invested in a home gym and now I won’t. Because I know this about me now.


  8. Crystal K says:

    Oh my word I’ve got to make those rolls. My mouth is watering! I can’t believe we were together today and you didn’t tell me about these. I’m so glad I read your blog. It helps me keep up with you atleast a little bit. You’re an amazing woman Terry and I’m so glad your my friend. Thanks for letting me hang around you and learn stuff – from food to books to Jesus to politics To mothering and wifeing-I’m always learning stuff when I’m with you.
    Hope you have a Wonderful Mother’s Day.
    Sent from my iPhone


  9. Bike Bubba says:

    Something I’ve noticed over the past couple of days; while doing bodyweight squats at home, I noticed my arms were always in front of me. Enter a broomstick to simulate the form, if not the weight, of the barbell.

    Oh, wow, my shoulders needed that, didn’t they? Yes, they did. A bit of ouch, yes.

    Interesting thoughts by Hearthie about the gym vs. at home. My experience at gyms is that a lot of the “vibe” I experienced back in the 1980s is gone–where guys would lightheartedly rib each other as Van Halen played on the stereo. Most of the powerlifters have ear buds in and are profoundly solitary until you talk with them, except the blessed few who will warn the middle aged guy doing squats “lift your toes, it’ll keep you from arching your back.” I might be able to do a home gym if I could find an Ohio Power bar affordably–yeah, good luck these days.

    And regarding some good permanent changes: YES. There is something just plain therapeutic about the wind in your hair and the sun on your face.


  10. hearthie says:

    My coach, being a very brave woman, has been known to stick her hands under the toes of her athletes who need a little help with that whole “weight on your heels” thing…

    The company at the gym is nice (we do josh around, and there is no barbell club without someone singing and/or breaking out in dance). Between sets. 😀

    But I *did* get some conviction. This might not be the time to battle the bulge, but I NEED – not want, NEED to get back to taking better care of my health. Which reminds me, I need to ask our resident baking expert a question:

    If you’re making baking powder biscuits (not much kneading) is there any reason flour other than wheat would need substitutions?


  11. Elspeth says:

    “A bit of ouch”…Yes. A bit of ouch is a good thing.

    As for home workouts, I’ve always been a home exerciser, with only a couple of seasons of gym turns over the years. I think it comes down to temperament.

    I can see why Hearthie, being a power lifter, needs to get to the gym a lot more than someone like me who is mostly dumbbells and jogs, the kind of things that can be done at home without much trouble.


  12. Elspeth says:

    If you’re making baking powder biscuits (not much kneading) is there any reason flour other than wheat would need substitutions?

    I don’t think so. What kind of lour are you using?


  13. hearthie says:

    I am going to rummage through my stash of flour – I want to use oat flour, but I think probably rice. After that, I might get some barley flour at the store. Not going to avoid carbs for the moment, just wheat. And I may or may not have an order of organic lard coming in the mail today, because we are narrowing down our irritants qua bad fats too. (Not that I eat much bad fat, but I’m moving up a notch). The tulsi + green tea combo is quite tasty btw. 🙂


  14. hearthie says:

    Mmm… I just get bored. I did do a home work out this morning of some stretches and an ab thing, and will get on this bosu ball I borrowed here to do ankle stretches in a minute. I can do a short run (20 min or less) but the 90 minutes plus I’m used to? No. I can swing that kettlebell a set or maybe two, but not five.


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