Friday Faves: Miami Arts District

My beloved and I recently whisked away to Miami to celebrate our wedding anniversary. It was a beautiful, picture-perfect weekend with sunny skies, temps in the mid-70s, and postcard-worthy beach views. One of my favorite parts of the trip, however, was our walk through the Wynwood Arts District. So this Friday, I thought I’d share some of the spectacular murals on display at the Wynwood Walls.

This first one made me smile as soon as I lay eyes on it. It is so happy and cheerful:


You can get a feel for the scale of this one by noting that I am 5’9″ standing in front of it:


This one isn’t quite as big, but something about the paint dripping upwards really grabbed me:


This one, which you can see is at the top of a taller building, is really spectacular:


This woman spanning the width of the wall was pretty cool:


Last but not least is another mural featuring yours truly for scale. The wind took over my hair, but I really liked this mural too:


My husband has something of an artistic gift, which I do not share, but I have acquired his love of creativity and design. Gifted artists remind us that we are the Imago Dei of the Great Creator.

What are some of your favorite artworks or mediums? Feel free to share! Have a glorious weekend.



2 thoughts on “Friday Faves: Miami Arts District

  1. nellperkins says:

    Those are gorgeous! Knoxville has its “graffiti alley,” which just isn’t nearly as good. We used to have a mural showing this area’s part in the history of country music, which I liked, but it wasn’t nearly just as gorgeous as these. Miami should be extremely proud of this.


  2. Elspeth says:

    You’re a Teneseean? Cool! I loved both Gatlinburg and Chattanooga when we visited there.

    Yes, Miami has a pretty vibrant and talented art community from what I have been able to gather. In fact, most of these murals are only up for a year, then new artists are re-commissioned to do new ones, and each year they are equally spectacular.


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