Friday Fave: Winter in The Sunshine State

…Or at least on the peninsula.

A good friend shared this very funny three minute video with me: When It Finally Gets Cold in the South.

I can relate to just about every experience found here, but the funniest part to me is also the most true.

By the time you dig out your “winter gear” and get outside, it’s already starting to warm up to a balmy, beautiful 75 degree day!

Hope your Thanksgiving weekend is going well.

4 thoughts on “Friday Fave: Winter in The Sunshine State

  1. Elspeth says:

    A friend texted me this video and I quick posted and pre-scheduled it from my phone not recognizing that I had to enable comments. sorry, Hearth!

    Moving Hearth’s comment here so I can respond to it on the proper thread:

    I can’t comment on Winter… no combox.

    So… 🙂 I made up a lovely wool walking skirt for my winter wear here, and was asked by someone who lives in IN how cold it was… had to admit that 1) no, it’s not that cold and 2) honestly it’s a wool skirt, but it’s the lightweight wool flannel that one makes flannel shirts out of – if one lives in wool-wearing latitudes. (Not that I wasn’t drooling puddles over wool melton, but it’s impractical in a place where wool can only be worn a few months out of the year, “all season fabric” or not).

    To that note, I picked up a cotton flannel for DH from Cabelas and was SHOCKED how heavy it is. It’s more a jacket than a shirt. We don’t get that weight of cloth here.

    But … my place-of-employment is an icebox all winter, so I do wear layers of cashmere sweaters to the office. And at home my sewing room is in the patio, which is like saying I sew outside without getting rained on. So, a nice warm skirt is a big help. Today I think I shall sew up the cotton flannel petticoat I intended to make some years back when I was sewing in the winter, just so I finally have the full outfit… 😀


  2. Elspeth says:

    @ Hearth:

    I can relate to being in buildings where you actually do need something warm to put on. Our school is like that. I love that you have a walking skirt. In typical cultural fashion, I’m usually walking in leggings, :/

    As far as the climate here, you might start out needing something a little warmer, but as the video notes, you won’t need it very long most days.

    This morning we headed out around 8:30 so I could upgrade my dishwasher. I went to get it a month ago but the dude said, “If you can wait a few more weeks, it’ll be 30% less.” I waited, and it was. A little hand washing never hurt the kids, LOL.

    Anyway, it was in the mid-50s when we left home so I was wearing a sweater. By the time we did that and picked up some breakfast, we walked outside at 10:30 and it was 72 degrees- too hot to keep wearing the warn sweater. So I shed it. It’s beautiful right now though. Gorgeous, in fact. Typical except for the hours when a cool front comes through to drop the temp a bit.

    On the few and far between mornings when it’s in the 30s at sunrise, you might need a sweater all day since it might not get out of the 60s.

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  3. nellperkins says:

    In East Tennessee, we have seasons, so I can’t relate, but my sister out in Texas assures me that the rich woman bust out their furs when it’s 60 or cooler.

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