Friday Faves: Fall Fashion Fluff

This is fluff about clothes and other things that aren’t vitally important in the grand scheme of things. It’s all in good fun.

November is a busy time of year, but also a fun time. The collision of obligations, deadlines, and celebrations can provide an interesting challenge for those of us who are wife dressing. That is, we don’t own the option of sacrificing femininity and beauty in exchange for the comfort and expediency we’d like in order to get things done. The good news is that we can do both.

We don’t really experience a change of seasons here. Because of that, a lot of fashion conventions fall flat in this neck of the woods. For example, it’s warm nearly year-round, so sandals are always in order and Floridians don’t generally adhere to the “no white after Labor Day” convention either. Although…I’ve learned that there is such a thing as “winter white“, which makes me wonder if any place adheres to that rule anymore. But I digress. The goal of this post is to list five of my must-have essentials to get dressed quickly, easily, and fashionably enough.

  • Wide belts: I love a wide, genuine leather belt. They’re not cheap, but I’ve found that the best way to get them at a reasonable price point is to go through Etsy. Each one I bought has been shipped from Eastern Europe, where there is a robust collection of women performing quality artisan leathercrafting. I own this one, as well as the belt I’m wearing in my gravatar.  I also have two others  in different shades of brown that I ordered from Etsy. They’re categorized as corset belts, so be aware that the advertising will run the gamut, but the quality of the leather is excellent. One belt which I bought stateside is of vastly inferior quality for a similar price, so I decided it was worth it to order them from overseas.
  • V-neck sweaters and fitted long-sleeved shirts: In whatever colors look best. For me, those colors are saturated colors: blues, reds, browns, and also off white, which matches just about anything.  These also look good with both jeans and midi skirts. For me, however, those tops require an additional go-to item:
  • Camisoles: The blessing and the curse of my body type are that I look better in fitted clothes. I think this came up in my review of the 50s fashion book, Wife Dressing. I layer my fitted clothes with fitted camis underneath. I’m pretty open about that because I think women should look good in our clothes. Although I exercise hard and take good care of my health I’ve also had five babies, so accommodations must be made. My stomach is naturally flat, but also extremely soft, so I layer with lightweight, fitted camisoles.
  • Midi Skirts: Who doesn’t love a good midi skirt?  They are versatile, comfortable, feminine and pretty. They’re not too long, not too short; just right. They look good with sandals, heels, and even Sperrys. I like a great maxi skirt as well, but my fondness for midi skirts has grown recently.
  • High rise jeans: I must admit, I don’t share the typical American’s love of blue jeans. At least not for the reasons other people seem to like them. I don’t find them particularly comfortable, and living where we do, they can be rather stifling. That said, I do appreciate a nice fitting pair of jeans for their fashion possibilities. Put with a few simple, no-fuss elements (dangly earrings, a cute wedge heel, and a smear of lip gloss for instance), jeans are an easy way to get dressed in 5 minutes without looking like you threw your ensemble together in 5 minutes. That’s why I wear them. And when the temperature does finally drop, they are warmer than a midi skirt.

This is always the most fun part of these posts; finding out what you like best.

So…what are the essentials of your wardrobe that make getting dressed much easier than it would be otherwise?

*You might also be interested in my review of The Lost Art of Dress.

9 thoughts on “Friday Faves: Fall Fashion Fluff

  1. smkoseki says:

    You know this was well-written, if you can get me interested in women’s fashion!

    We have similar taste, esp midi skirts & belts (although the latter I like leather color/look). Not so much high-rise jeans don’t know why. One thing I learned reading this: much of my “heavy cloth” preference comes from living in cold weather. If I lived south of the MDL I would like lightweight. I never thought about how the weather changes my taste in female fashion.

    Looking at some of your linked posts: Q: what is a “crunchy” girl? Is this like a tree-hugger type? Or just a grunge look?

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  2. Elspeth says:

    You are very kind SMK. Thanks!

    I wear my brown leather belts 10 to 1 more than the black (because my best colors look better with brown). However, on those occasions when I need black (and I have them from time to time), I like having the black one on hand.

    A crunchy girl is one who is tree hugger meets au naturale everything including the way she dresses as well as the way she eats. I can be pretty crunchy when it comes to my food. But I’m not giving up my skin care regimen or all of my makeup, so I fall a little short of the definition.


  3. hearthie says:

    I’ve been turning up the style a notch or ten – joined a style accountability group on FB. It helps push me into doing what I know I should do and getting out of my safe zone – very needed.

    Helpful? Buy the crazy accessory, or the interesting topper. It can elevate a look in no time flat. I’m particularly fond of wearing dresses as jackets or as shirts over jeans. This can be thrifted or found in sales racks… I have a denim dress that I’d *never* wear on its own that makes a fierce jacket over a t-shirt and skirt. I’ve noticed that increasing the accessories in general really “makes” an outfit these days. More is more. Not something I’d have tried 10 years ago.

    High waisted jeans are a necessity for long-torso, no hip gals like myself. I’m conflicted. On the one hand, my style lends itself perfectly to a pair of jeans. On the other – I don’t find them particularly comfortable, and where are they hiding the jeans that were made out of denim? Did they pass a law during that decade that I wasn’t wearing pants at all?

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  4. Elspeth says:

    You have been turning your style up a notch. That leather belt holster deal? You looked fabulous!

    I struggle with accessories because I like clean, simple, slightly flowy lines.Earth and water, as it were. If you see a spark of fire in an outfit, be assured my husband had a hand in whatever I’m wearing.


  5. hearthie says:

    It’s so very easy to slough off and just do earth/water for me too! I end up dressing as an office assistant instead of an image consultant if I don’t keep my eyes on the prize.

    PS – your warning about NSFW sites for belts goes about 10x that for harnesses… and yes, I bought it on etsy. It was from Eastern Europe, took forever to get here.


  6. Elspeth says:

    I don’t think I look like an office assistant, LOL! Occasionally my husband says I look like a teacher (usually when I AM a teacher), which coming from him can mean any number of things…

    I do try to be careful to be more water than earth when I’m not at school though.


  7. hearthie says:

    LOL I mean me. 😀

    It’s easy for *both* of us to slip into “sensible well-dressed women that would really prefer not to be in any kind of limelight, can we just get on with things please”. Your calling card is your quiet elegance and deep wells of wisdom. Standing next to you should evoke peace. Your husband also likes to pull out your beauty (as he should) whereas you’d as soon hide it.

    I’m bouncier by nature, but reality intrudes and it’s time to clock in…

    That said, it HELPS to push myself. It’s a visual reminder of who I really am, not what I am currently doing.

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  8. Elspeth says:

    I really like that harness on you. Awesome ensemble. It’s a little less bold than I could ever pull off, but it screams Hearthie! You should wear more things like that.

    How does it wear? Is it comfortable? DO you feel constrained?


  9. hearthie says:

    It’s pretty comfortable. I could wish the leather were a bit softer/higher quality, but in the main it’s nice.

    As far as “constrained” … err… you’re asking the lady who used to make corsets? 😉 I like that “hugged” sensation. Not that I’m not happy when it comes off, but I like it while it’s on. Sometimes the bit where the buckle is between bust and armpit can get in the wrong spot and needs adjusting. There’s also a metal O ring on the back that can be a bit firm in the wrong chair. I’ll take a pic on its own and put it up.


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