Friday Faves: Equal Rights

The subject of “equal rights” is one that I’ve grown increasingly bored with over the past decade, but this old episode of I Love Lucy is a funny, refreshingly honest, and politically incorrect take on the topic.

Enjoy Lucy and Desi as they explore equal rights.

h/t: Sanne

5 thoughts on “Friday Faves: Equal Rights

  1. Robyn says:

    YES, increasingly bored and a little sad as we sit in the harvest from the seeds sown. I’ve come across an insightful and beautiful woman, who has some refreshing thoughts on the subject of men and women, Alison Armstrong. I know she’s not a believer but, nonetheless, she seems to be nailing some truths about masculinity and femininity.

    Have you heard of her?


  2. Elspeth says:

    @ Robyn:

    No, I have not heard of her, but I will look her up and see what she’s all about. Sane people, including those who don’t openly champion Christian values, are in short supply. So I’ll take it!

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  3. Elspeth says:

    I’ll check her out now since I have a bit of time.

    Did you see the I Love Lucy episode? I Loved when Ethel scolded Fred for refusing to pay for her dinner and he replies, “I wouldn’t want to rob you of your independence.”

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