Friday Faves: A Bibliophile’s Hurricane Necessities

Happy Friday, all!

Gonna keep this one short and sweet since those of us on the southern half of the peninsula are supposed to be super busy right now scurrying about, filling the coffers at Home Depot and Lowe’s.

And I probably would be, were I not married to the most prepared, competent man on the planet. I say that well aware of the bias which informs it. Did I mention he’s also 6’2″ and super cute? But I digress.

Even though we’re seasoned natives who are well prepared, there are a few things a reader needs to be on top of for herself. In the event of no electricity for days on end, she needs to power her evening reading. So now that the grocery is stocked, gas tanks are full, and the generator’s been tested, what does a bibliophile preparedness checklist look like?

  • Charge all e-readers: Kindle, iPad, old Kindle, and the cell phone all need to be fully charged so that even when it’s dark and the lights are out, I can still read. My Kindle Fire is backlit!

kindle fire.jpg

  • Booklights: You know, those little contraptions that snap on to the top of the book and then shine onto the page, however poorly. The key to those is to have several so you can use two at a time.


  • Homework checklist and reading schedule for the kids. It’s highly likely they won’t have school on Tuesday and possibly Thursday, so it’ll be imperative that I make sure they stay on track with their assignments. That way, when they return to classes, they are prepared to turn in all assignments as scheduled. Things can get a little loosey goosey around here between Labor Day and the upheaval of the norm that hurricanes and power outages bring with them.


  • Instant coffee (and tea bags): When you’re running on generator power, you must be selective about which components to divert the power to, and the coffee maker doesn’t make the cut. The stove might, though, meaning you can boil water. Morning reading feels better with a cuppa, so with instant coffee (I drink decaf) or your favorite tea bags on hand, you don’t have to forgo your hot morning drink.


Well, that’s all I can think of at the moment. Dorian isn’t due till Tuesday, as he keeps delaying his visit, so if you can think of another useful item I may have forgotten, do tell!

Preferably before Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Friday Faves: A Bibliophile’s Hurricane Necessities

  1. Elspeth says:

    This has GOT to be the slowest moving hurricane watch I can ever remember. Ever.

    Meanwhile, pray for The Bahamas 🇧🇸. The level of catastrophe there is staggering.


  2. bikebubba says:

    Will pray. On the light side, I can almost envision you being halfway disappointed at not being stranded at home with your husband for a few days as I see that Dorian’s heading north. We don’t know how to handle hurricanes, but Mrs. Bubba and I have been blessed a time or two to be stuck at home after a blizzard.


  3. bayboxwood says:

    I was shocked seeing the footage from the Bahamas – having lived in a Gulf Coast state all my life and seeing storm damage on a fairly regular basis, including half our region being underwater a couple of years ago, I was surprised at how surprised I was – just horrible.

    I’m hoping you’re just getting some rain as it seems slowpoke Dorian turned north? On the coffee/tea front, if we anticipate losing power we boil water and keep it in thermal containers – it’s nice to have hot/warm water for a variety of reasons if things go dark. Stay safe, and happy reading.


  4. Elspeth says:

    @ Bayboxwood:

    Yes. The storm turned north and all we got was some rain and low-grade tropical storm force winds.

    Meave was in the new path though, and I think her part of the SC coast has gotten quite the pummeling so say a prayer for them as well.


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