Rabbit Trail: Friday Faves!

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I hope to have time this weekend to write up the next installment in the Mating in Captivity series. Meanwhile, I figured we’d check out this rabbit trail and share some of our favorite things. I’ll go first!

Favorite Book:

That’s like asking me to name my favorite child. When you read as many books as I do, the favorite among them changes in relation to the genres and types of books that have been read in the last year. My favorite book at the moment is a tie between A Girl of the Limberlost, Barracoon, and How to Be Unlucky by Joshua Gibbs. I haven’t reviewed the latter book yet because I want to give it a re-read before I delve into it. This guy really resonates with me, from a spiritual point of view. I never cease to be amazed by that since he is Orthodox and I am what I refer to as a raging Protestant.

My favorite movie:

At the moment? Chef, starring Jon Favreau. I wrote about that one recently, complete with a couple of video clips. My favorite film of all time if I had to pick one is probably the BBC’s adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma (I wrote about that one here before as well), followed lastly by the old Charlton Heston version of The Ten Commandments.

My favorite place to vacation:

The mountains win this one, hands down; The Smokey Mountains in particular. I live near the beach, so while I enjoy it, it’s not my favorite place to get away. That said, there is no place quite like the Florida Keys, my second favorite vacation adventure, followed up by our nation’s capital. There’s so much to learn in Washington D. C. that you could go there every year and learn something new almost every time.

Favorite school subject:

I suspect this one is a no brainer. Writing and literature, of course! I read mainly for pleasure, but I rarely read a book without jotting down my thoughts and opinions about what I am reading as well as any memories or feelings it evokes. I do that whether or not I post a public review of the book. Doing this is highly satisfying to me, which is why it isn’t particularly difficult or time consuming for me to review books here. I always made A’s in English and literature.

My favorite form of exercise:

High Intensity Interval Training, usually referred to as HIIT. My preferred version is a good hard run alternated with brisk walks. I used to think log jogs were the best, but I’m over those now, unless my kids rope me into doing a race. By race, I mean a race against myself. I’ve never run fast enough to win a race. Wait! I did take top place female in my age category at a 5K about 4 years ago. Hah! I am not a huge fan of weightlifting, but I do moderate amounts because it’s good for me and my husband will gently remind me of that if I start to try to avoid doing it.

My favorite beauty routine:

Currently, it’s using my jade roller, which I use after a pretty extensive skin care routine. It only takes about 20 minutes a night but my husband says it seems like it takes 45. The results speak for themselves though, so I continue to do it.

My favorite beauty product:

M.A.C.’s 24-hour concealer is my go to whether I’m getting made up or not. The stuff is awesome. My favorite –currently- hair product is Mielle Organics Pomegranate and Honey Leave-in Conditioner. This one is specifically formulated for tightly curly hair, so not a universal product. It makes my hair feel good, and it’s not unusual for someone to hug me and note that my hair smells good. Win-win!

Those are a few of my favorite things. Currently!

If you feel like it, take a minute to share your favorites in any of these categories. I’m most interested in your favorite books, movies, and vacation spots.

Have a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “Rabbit Trail: Friday Faves!

  1. bikebubba says:

    OK, book: I’m reading “Letters to the Church” by Francis Chan now. Very challenging to our fundagelical culture mindset, which is a good thing.

    Favorite movie: The Quiet Man. Really most anything over 50 years old that’s stood the test of time.

    Favorite place to vacation: secluded cabin in the northwoods with Mrs. Bubba and the kids at home.

    Favorite school subject; though I’m an engineer, literature, too. Always fun to get a picture of the world I never got in school.

    Favorite exercise; whatever my old bones tolerate. Typically cycling, running, swimming, weight training.

    Favorite beauty routine; putting on sunscreen before I bike. Ha!

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  2. bikebubba says:

    That is for the vacation, I want to be with Mrs. Bubba, and the kids to be at home. :^) Just realized my phrasing was a bit rough…..

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  3. Elspeth says:

    I understood you. Your book selections made me think that I should probably have categorized my favorite space books by genre.

    My two favorite Christian books are, A Woman after God’s Own Heart by Elisabeth George, Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and a tie slot for Mere Christianity and The Screwtape Letters.

    I almost forgot about Digital Minimalism. Loved that!

    See what I mean? How can I possibly choose just one???


  4. hearthie says:

    I need to get a jade roller. I have been waiting for someone that I trust to review them.

    Favorite book: Uh. Yeah SURE. Fiction at the moment I’m a fan of Patricia Briggs’ werewolf books (there are two, intertwining series). Non fiction? I’m going to go with Screwtape Letters, because I get convicted of something new every read through.

    Favorite movie: I don’t really have one, excepting everyone’s answer: The Princess Bride.

    Favorite place to vacation: Don’t get me started. But I think Bike has a good plan. I’d love to go back to Point Lobos, with just the hubster.

    School subject: Sociology

    Exercise: I am all about lifting the heavy things. I love to swim, but can’t handle chlorine, so it’s ocean or nothing, and ocean is a limited time offer – I don’t have a wetsuit.

    Beauty product: I get my face cream from the health food store, that’s how crunchy I am. But foundation? No dahlings. Once I passed 40, so did the price of a bottle of facegoop. Yes, it makes a difference – at least for me. Makeup Forever, skin matched with a wee camera at Sephora.


  5. Elspeth says:

    @ hearth:

    I’d never heard of Makeup Forever. Whew! That’s some pricey foundation, sister!

    Thanks to the magic of all this melanin, my skin is holding up really well. Concealer for blemishes does me fine for now. And the $25 for a small tube feels pricey to me. But we do what we gotta do.

    The Princess Bride is a good, funny, memorable film. I like it.


  6. hearthie says:

    It is. And I thought the Clinique I’d used forever was good enough until I tried it. But my skin needs the help. Needs a little professional help, to be honest, but I’m not gonna pony up for that any time soon!

    Oh, I do see improvements when I can be bothered to do the overnight acid mask.

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  7. Elspeth says:

    Oh yeah Bike. Your old bones can tolerate a lot. That’s quite the exercise regimen. After years of resistance, my husband finally decided he needs to run. He took great pleasure in out sprinting me this morning.

    I like your “beauty routine”. It took me 45 years to appreciate the role sunscreen can play in my skin care. For so long I figured that this “advantage” meant I didn’t need it:



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