In which I wax political but not too much.

This is as political as I am willing to go here, but this tweet is both funny and true:

Given the current state of limbo surrounding the Florida senate race, I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw that. It seems as this is the normal course in every major race our state has voted in since the Great Electoral Fiasco of 2000.

What many of you may not realize is that we have a history of election upheaval here that reaches back much further.

Our illustrious electoral history started at least as far back as 1876, when Florida, via a back room deal, handed her electoral votes and the presidency to Rutherford B. Hayes.

Electoral shenannigans are as naturally Floridian as retention pond alligators and key lime pie.

14 thoughts on “In which I wax political but not too much.

  1. pukeko60 says:

    Well, FL stayed red but allowed felons to Vote… watch this space. The local press think Trump is destroyed: they have no understanding of the USA. (And yes, E, I have been to FLA. Preferred Orlando to the Mickey Mouse Colony)

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  2. Elspeth says:

    Yes, Florida stayed red, but just barely. You can actually thank the Cubans and those Puerto Ricans whom Rick Scott charmed for keeping the thing from tipping blue. Oh yeah, and the fact that nearly 20% of the few black who did vote voted red also as opposed to 95% of black women voting blue. I am of the 5% of course, and my husband of the 20%.

    And yes, allowed criminals who had paid their debts to society to have their civil rights restored. The idea being that the law, once you have paid it what it says you’re due to pay, can’t keep making you pay for the rest of your life. The private sector can do that, but not the law. That amendment, by the way, excluded murderers and rapists from having their voting rights restored.

    I’m not particularly perturbed by that outcome because very few ex-cons have the least bit of interest in voting. Very, very few in fact.


  3. Bike Bubba says:

    I once had a very enlightening interaction with a coworker when I put up a picture of the abduction of Elian Gonzalez which had been photoshopped to feature Bill Clinton and Janet Reno. The very liberal coworker more or less hated Cubans and was just fine with them being denied their 4th Amendment rights because they had often been the landowners prior to Castro. Scarier; he is the son of a lawyer.

    God bless the refugees to America!


  4. Elspeth says:

    This whole state is under recount now. Well, no not all of it but not only the senate race, but the governor’s race, and the FL commissioner of Ag are all being recounted.

    What fun! This is Florida, and this is how we do elections. Like retention pond gaters and key lime pie.

    No, I that wasn’t a typo, LOL.


  5. Bike Bubba says:

    Yeah, finding thousands of ballots days after the election happens everywhere…..Snipes’ maiden name is in effect “Daley”, isn’t it? Hopefully she goes to jail for this one, and it boggles the mind that she was found guilty of election violations in 2016 yet still kept her job.


  6. SMK says:

    E, saw your comment today on Dreher’s blog. Very interesting. You can read my comment there.

    I’m surprised you like Sowell. Sure he’s bright, black, and well-spoken, but he’s very harsh/blunt (even for me!). Figured you were too soft for that; must be a cultural thing. In the same way surprised you find the Tea Party/Palin so negative. Again, probably white/black cultural thing.

    Granted, my first intro to Palin was her AK governor debate where libs attacked her on abortion (AK is pro-choice) and she just sat politely hands clasped and said sweetly, “I’m sorry, I’m pro-life and will vote that way” and let them make jackasses of themselves trying to get a rise out of her. Back then she was humble & nice with a 90% approval. She’s changed a lot since then…

    I also have very limited exposure to blacks (except in the military but always got along well as most where more charismatic, relaxed, and fun than us whites). But definitely a culture clash because the whole South thing is bewildering to many western/northern whites, and blacks are part of all that.


  7. Elspeth says:

    Yes. I am a big fan of Thomas Sowell and tend to prefer my truth straight up, no chaser. Even if it stings initially I appreciate the lack of ambiguity.

    And I am soft! But it might be a cultural thing too.

    My problem with the Sarah Palin nomination was not her politics. It smacked as inherently ridiculous that we were offering a VP nominee with a special needs infant son. I mean come on, this wasn’t VP of the local PTA after all. And parading her pregnant teenage daughter around was probably the straw that broke the camel’s back. She hasn’t changed that much.

    She and McCain decimated the idea of the GOP as the family values party. Obama -Biden looked more the part. At least with Trump that mask has been officially stripped away for good.

    Tea Party: saw a bunch of TP seniors marching with signs that said, “Keep your hands off my Medicare!” I was incredulous, LOL. And done.

    I’m probably as conservative as I’ve ever been which leaves me as I said at Dreher’s, without a political home.

    I’m honored he featured my comment but a little embarrassed by my presentation. It was a typo ridden mess!

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  8. Elspeth says:

    The prolific Rod Dreher has seen fit to feature a comment I left over at his place earlier today:

    It was a comment I hastily submitted from my phone so it’s typo ridden and all that, but I am humbled that he saw fit to feature it. I wax a little more political over there, LOL, although I don’t comment there very often either. That crowd is more insightful that I can muster most days.


  9. SMK says:

    E:…ridiculous…VP nominee with a special needs infant son…parading her pregnant teenage daughter…she hasn’t changed that much…decimated the GOP as the family values party…at least with Trump that mask has been officially stripped…

    Your view make sense now. I’m quite blind here as I never had any such illusions about politics vs morality. Hell, birth control & divorce used to be illegal in the USA while slavery was legal. .”Family values” have long been divorced from our libertarian politics. I’m just ecstatic to have the freedom to live morally myself.

    TP seniors marching with signs that said, “Keep your hands off my Medicare!” I was incredulous, LOL. And done.

    Again, I see your thinking better. Again, I’m blind as my view is that every political tribe fights for their share of the government tit. It’s all a war of taxes (wealth taken by force) vs fighting for whatever one can get back. No morals to me, just business. I’ll never get my $ back :-).

    I normally don’t read much of Dreher and rarely the comments (too liberal/irrational) but saw his post on your comment. I thought it was well done; you should write more from the personal because it comes off well, honest without being too saccharine like most women who try this style.

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  10. Elspeth says:

    I agree that there a lot of moderate to liberal types over at Dreher’s. He gives them a voice so they comment in ways that I agree are often irrational.

    I still like reading his take on things although -as I have had to do with almost all sites- I don’t read there as often as I was reading at one point.


  11. Elspeth says:

    Well, this is interesting (via The American Thinker site:

    Ken Danieli, an online pollster, ran the numbers and despite all the sister solidarity talk his calculations reveal that 4% more women voted for Obama in 2008 than for Hillary in 2016. By his count (derived from inputs from Wikipedia and exit polls), it also appears that it wasn’t white voters who accounted for Trump’s win. “Trump won only about 1% more white voters than did McCain in 2008…” “Trump won >80% more Black voters than McCain did and >15% more Latino voters than McCain did.”

    The FL recount is finally winding down. Sort of. Governor is done. Senate still ongoing.


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