Tiny Task Tuesday

I borrowed this idea from Bayboxwood, and you can click over to her blog to see from whence she acquired it.

Reading is always happening, but the life that it fits in between often slows me down. Factor in homschooling, homekeeping, and taking the opportunity to write when I can and most days there is more life than reading. One of the things I picked up a while back from Bayboxwood is the idea of Tiny Task Tuesday. Today’s task isn’t exactly tiny, but it’s Tuesday and I getting ti done today, and I like the alliterative ring of “Tiny Task Tuesday”.

Today I am tackling the task of deep cleaning the master bathroom.  There are some things we all do in our bathrooms on a regular basis. We clean the sinks and countertops. We clean the toilets. we spray down the tubs. We sweep the floors.

What I haven’t done in a good long while is go behind the toilets, under the vanity, or into the vanity drawers. Lastly, the tile needs a scrub with a brush rather than just a light mopping. So Like I said, it’s not a tiny task. It is however, a task being done on a Tuesday.

So I’ll go finish it now.

Latest book review forthcoming.

Happy Tuesday all!

2 thoughts on “Tiny Task Tuesday

  1. hearthie says:

    How terribly organized of you… 🙂 I have things I do on a regular basis, but those deep cleaning critters tend to be “I need to clean the thing, I can’t stand it, must clean it NOW”.

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  2. Elspeth says:

    I don’t know that I am organized, but I did have a rush of energy yesterday. I’m wondering if the combination of the matcha (thank you for the recipe) and this iron supplement I found which had rave reviews is starting to kick it. It’s only been a week, but I’m feeling pretty charged,

    They vanity in my bathroom, at least behind it, was at the point where I felt like if I didn’t get back there and clean it NOW, I wasn’t going to be able to stand it. And since I was going behind things…

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