The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex, and Feminism.

politically incorrect guide

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex, and Feminism, by Carrie L. Lukas. Copyright 2006. Hardcover, 221 pages.

The wonderful thing about books and literature is that there are few subjects which haven’t been covered by someone at some time. I read The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex, and Feminism at least 5 years ago (maybe more), and I hadn’t thought much about the book in two or three. Whenever I purge our bookshelves, I keep it tucked away on a shelf because I want it to be available for my daughters to read.

After witnessing yesterday what can only be described as a national disgrace masquerading as a legal proceeding, I remembered a few things. The first was that in 47 years on the planet, I have somehow never managed to 1) get drunk or 2) attend a party where most of the attendees was getting drunk. This was true even when I was a teenager, and even during the years when I was walking contrary to the Christian faith in which I was raised. It’s amazing what can be avoided when you watch the company you keep.

Secondly, I remembered this book, and how much I appreciated the candor used and the unapologetic way that Carrie Lukas laid out unpalatable truths. A cursory glance at the reviews for the book on Amazon and Good reads demonstrates how offensive many women found the book. I on the other hand, thought it was very well written, filled with objective analysis of  the ways women are more vulnerable. It was filled with what used to be considered universally sound truth rather than attacked as politically incorrect ideology.

Unvarnished truth is a medicine that often tastes bad going down, but if we take it like adults, we just might find healing. At the end of chapter 2, on page 18 Lukas lists what she titled, “Top Ten Things Young Women Need to Know (that feminists won’t tell them)”. I’ll list them here, with the recommendation that you read the book even if you’re not as averse to feminist thought as I am, because the ideas are worth pondering.

The Top Ten Things

  • Flowers, candy, and opened doors aren’t weapons of oppression. Chivalrous gestures show a guy actually respects you and may be interested in a relationship.

  • You’re most fertile in your twenties. During your thirties, fertility declines and many women have trouble getting pregnant after age 35. Plan ahead! [some of this stuff is beyond a woman’s control, of course, but deliberate postponement of marriage is foolish]

  • Discrimination isn’t why women make less money than men. Women make different choices and have different priorities which results in them earning less.

  • Condoms are not a get-out-of-STD-free device; condoms do little or nothing to prevent the spread of several serious STDs.

  • Kids raised by their parents [Els’ translation: mothers] tend to have fewer emotional and behavioral problems than kids who spend long hours in day care.

  • Not everyone is doing it [emphasis mine]. Fewer of your peers than you think are engaging in casual sex- and those who are often regret it.

  • There’s no shame is aspiring to marry- married people tend to be happier, healthier, and better off financially.

  • Divorce doesn’t erase a marriage- it creates a new set of problems for you and your children.

  • You should make goals in your personal life just like you do in your career.

  • Being a woman doesn’t make you a victim. You have choices to make, and choices to live with. That’s what being liberated and independent is all about.

~ The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex , and Feminism, p. 18

5 out of 5 stars.




15 thoughts on “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex, and Feminism.

  1. Robyn says:

    “A cursory glance at the reviews for the book on Amazon and Good reads demonstrates how offensive many women found the book.”

    hahahaha …. good enough for me!

    Women of the world do help me tremendously in that regard! And now that so much of evangelicalism is on the “down-grade” … lots of women in churches help too!

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  2. Bike Bubba says:

    It’s really scary that this book, centering really primarily on realities imposed by biology, would be seen by anyone as controversial, or for that matter would need to be written. And yes, too many churches are dropping the ball on teaching these basics.

    And regarding drunken parties, it strikes me that “sexists” and partiers say a lot of things that are more useful to women than anything any feminist said.

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  3. Elspeth says:

    It’s really scary that this book, centering really primarily on realities imposed by biology, would be seen by anyone as controversial

    Because our entire system of education and the culture with it is heck-bent on pushing the idea that we are smarter than our biology, that we don’t have to make decisions or accept anything about it which imposes on our desires.

    And regarding drunken parties, it strikes me that “sexists” and partiers say a lot of things that are more useful to women than anything any feminist said

    This is true, sadly. Those people get a lot of things right. Unfortunately, what they get wrong they get SO wrong that it crowds out any ability for people to accede their points.

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  4. Bike Bubba says:

    Even that “so wrong” is useful a lot of the time. When a rake says “candy’s dandy, but liquor’s quicker”, you can simultaneously agree that (a) his (her) method for wooing the opposite (or same) sex is repulsive and (b) young people who value their chastity ought to be aware that a respectable-looking person might be using that method.

    I think you’re right about what you said, but the sad reality is that you’re discussing basic tribalism that will prevent us from learning from the mistakes of the past, and will consign us to a brutal future.

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  5. Elspeth says:

    The stupidity…sometimes it overwhelms me! Some silly bitties decided they would wax poetic about how lovely the world would be if all men were put on a 9PM curfew. They list the things they’d suddenly be able to do:

    Well, off the top of my head, in all of 30 seconds, I was able to come up with some things they’d be able to do. Things they omitted from their fantasy list, the politically incorrect version:

    ~Fix your own flat tire if you get a flat after 9PM
    ~Watch your house burn to the ground if it catches fire
    ~ Live without electricity and the accompanying Twitter they love so much if a storm knocks out power.
    ~Get jobs stocking shelves in most stores so you can have grocery when you go to the store.

    Those are just a few off the top of my head, but I’m sure I could think of more if I really put some brain power into it.

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  6. Bike Bubba says:

    My thought on seeing that list was that in many cities, it ain’t terribly smart for a man to be out in certain neighborhoods after dark, either.

    Plus, given that criminals are by definition people that don’t follow rules, placing a curfew on men would actually make things a lot more dangerous for both men and women by ensuring that those out on the streets after dark are indeed not sheep or sheepdogs, but wolves. Pure.Liberal.Brilliance.

    I love your list, too.

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  7. Elspeth says:

    I also thought about the nature of criminality and rule breakers. What does a curfew mean to them except better opportunity to strike? After all, any good law abiding man who might have come to her aid is at home adhering to the curfew.

    The stupidity…


  8. Bike Bubba says:

    You know, on the bright side, we ought to consider what the feminist left is admitting with that list, now that I think about it. Specifically, that there are actual biological differences between men and woman that might affect some things.

    Oh, sure, they’ll just blame things on toxic masculinity rather than the y chromosome, cultural conditioning and all that, but we know what they’re really admitting.

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  9. Bike Bubba says:

    And it’s like Christmas for conservatives. Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, and Bill Clinton has gone on tour and is reminding America how seriously liberals really take sexual harassment and abuse. Now all we need is Nina Burleigh to say that again….

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  10. Elspeth says:

    Bill Clinton talking about “the seriousness of sexual harassment and abuse”. The mind boggles that anyone listens to that with a straight face.


  11. Elspeth says:

    We’re pretty far inland so all we’re getting is clouds, breezes, and a break from the 90 degree heat. My friend Joanna (you might remember her from TC days) and her family are much closer to the Gulf, but they seem to be doing alright also.

    We are definitely offering prayers for those in the Panhandle, though.

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