A great mind has transitioned…

Given that I used space to pray that a departed rhythm and blues singer rests in peace, it would be robbery to do anything less for a blogger whom I only knew only through the anonymity of the Internet, but whose writing induced me to think more deeply about many things. It saddened me to hear that Zippy Catholic has died.

I did not know Zippy personally.  Our interactions began and ended in comment boxes, and that only occasionally in recent years. I knew him only as a passionate Catholic blogger with a zeal for tradition and Truth. I didn’t even agree with him half the time, but unlike so many of our day he seemed to actually think about things, deeply so, and induced me to do the same. He even changed my stubborn mind about a few things.

I pray that he rests in the arms of Christ, and that God would provide his widow and children with a peace that surpasses all understanding.

6 thoughts on “A great mind has transitioned…

  1. stmichaelkozaki says:

    Requiesce in pace.

    I really want to say that about Zippy. Why? I’ve seen bloggers urge “drop the RIP since nobody really knows what to say about death, the enduring mystery.”. Well, I can safely say Zippy knows now that we DO know about death as an essential part of the faith. I’m praying for you Zippy; your fidelity to reason and doctrine is sorely missed.

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