Blogkeeping notes.

There is a new page on the menu. Those of you who were here reading when I first started writing in this sleepy corner of the web may remember that I had a page devoted to links I’d encountered that I wanted to share. I was saving those links on Delicious, which has since vanished into the ether. I had hoped to find a link sharing site that I enjoyed using as much as I did Delicious, but I never did, so I kissed my hundreds of links good bye 😦 and took down the page.

I decided recently that I would just make a new page and add any interesting links I read there. Some ideas are worth sharing, contemplating, and thinking about. Books are my preferred method since ideas are better fleshed out in them, whether I agree with them or not. But this is the age of the Internet, and the germs of most ideas can be found here as well. Hence the Links Worth a Look page.

I updated the comment policy to more accurately reflect the mood of this site. Namely, I turned off moderation because -hopefully- it’s pretty clear that I don’t need to moderate very heavily here. First time commentators will still go to the moderation process first, but other than that, comments can flow freely. Unless and until but some weird quirk I find that particular change was a mistake.

Just a couple of notes to update my readers of a few small changes on the blog.

Y’all have a great weekend, and try to stay cool, huh?


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