Zora Hurston confirms Solomon’s declaration.

There are a couple of book reviews being drafted, but in the meantime, I was recently reminded of this story from Zora Neale Hurston’s Mules and Men.

In 1935, ZNH laid bare what was obvious about relations between the sexes and where they were headed even back then.  It has only been amplified over the past 50 years. Totally worth grasping the dialect.

You see in de very first days, God made a man and a woman and put “em in a house together to live. ‘Way back in them days de woman was just as strong as de man and both of ’em did de same things. They useter get to fussin ’bout who gointer do this and that and sometime they’d fight, but they was even balanced and neither one could whip de other one.

One day de man said to hisself, “B’Iieve Ah’m gointer go see God and ast Him for a li’l mo’ strength so Ah kin whip dis ‘oman and make her mind. Ah’m tired of de wa things is.” So he went on up to God.

“Good mawnin’, Ole Father.”

“Howdy man. Whut you doin’ ’round my throne so so dis mawnin’?”

 “Ah’m troubled in mind, and nobody can’t ease mah spirit ‘ceptin’ you.”

 God said: “Put yo’ plea in de right form and Ah’ll hear and answer.”

“Ole Maker, wid de mawnin’ stars glitterin’ in yo’ shin crown, wid de dust from yo’ footsteps makin’ worlds upo worlds, wid de blazin’ bird we call de sun flyin’ out of you right hand in de mawnin’ and consumin’ all day de flesh and blood of stump-black darkness, and comes flyin’ home every evenin  to rest on yo’ left hand, and never once in yo’ eternal years, mistood de left hand for de right, Ah ast you please to give me mo’ strength than dat woman you give me, so Ah kin make her mind. Ah know you don’t want to be always comin’ down way past de moon and stars to be straightenin’ her out and its got to be done. So giv me a li’l mo’ strength, Ole Maker and Ah’ll do it.”

“All right, Man, you got mo’ strength than woman.”

So de man run all de way down de stairs from Heben he got home. He was so anxious to try his strength on de woman dat he couldn’t take his time. Soon’s he got in de house he hollered “Woman! Here’s yo’ boss. God done tole me to handle you in which ever way yo’ boss please.”‘

De woman flew to fightin’ ‘im right off. She fought ‘im frightenin’ but he beat her. She got her wind and tried ‘irn agin but he whipped her agin. She got herself together and made de third try on him vigorous but he beat her every time. He was so proud he could whip ‘er at last, dat he just crowed over her and made her do a lot of things she didn’t like. He told her, “Long as you obey me, Ah’Il be good to yuh, but every time yuh rear up Ah’m gointer put plenty wood on yo’ back and plenty water in yo’  eyes.

 De woman was so mad she went straight up to Heben and stood befo’ de Lawd. She didn’t waste no words. She said, “Lawd, Ah come befo’ you mighty mad t’day. Ah want back my strength and power Ah useter have.”

“Woman, you got de same power you had since de beginnin’.”

 “Why is it then, dat de man kin beat me now and he useter couldn’t do it?”

 “He got mo’ strength than he useter have, He come and ast me for it and Ah give it to ‘im. Ah gives to them that ast, and you ain’t never ast me for no mo’ power.”

 “Please suh, God, Ah’m astin’ you for it now. jus’ gimme de same as you give him.”

God shook his head. “It’s too late now, woman. Whut Ah give, Ah never take back. Ah give him mo’ strength than you and no matter how much Ah give you, he’ll have mo.

De woman was so mad she wheeled around and went on off. She went straight to de devil and told him what had happened.

He said, ” Don’t be disincouraged, woman. You listen to me and you’ll come out mo’ than conqueror. Take dem frowns out yo’ face and turn round and go fight on back to Heben and ast God to give you dat bunch of keys hangin’ by de mantel-piece. Then you bring ’em and Ah’ll show you what to do wid ’em.”

So de woman climbed back up to Heben agin. She was mighty tired but she was more out-done than she was tired so she climbed all night long and got back up to Heben. When she got to heaven butter wouldn’t melt in her mouf.

“0 Lawd and Master of de rainbow, Ah know yo’ power. You never make two mountains without you put a valley in between. Ah know you kin hit a straight lick wid a crooked stick.”

 “Ast for whut you want, woman.”

 “God, gimme dat bunch of keys hangin’ by yo’ mantel befo’ de throne.”

“Take em.”

So de woman took de keys and hurried on back to de devil wid ’em. There was three keys on de bunch. Devil say, “See dese three keys? They got mo’ power in ’em than all de strength de man kin ever git if you handle ’em right. Now dis first big key is to de do’ of de kitchen, and you know a man always favors his stomach. Dis second one is de key to de bedroom and he don’t like to be shut out from dat neither and dis last key is de key to de cradle and he don’t want to be cut off from his generations at all. So now you take dese keys and go lock up everything and wait till he come to you. Then don’t you unlock nothin’ until he use his strength for yo’ benefit and yo’ desires.”

De woman thanked ‘im and tole ‘im, “If it wasn’t for you, Lawd knows whut us po’ women folks would do.”

She started off but de devil halted her. “Jus’ one mo’ thing: don’t go home braggin’ ’bout yo’ keys. jus’ lock up everything and say nothin’ until you git asked. And then don’t talk too much.”

De woman went on home and did like de devil tole her. When de man come home from work she was settin’ on de porch singin’ some song ’bout “Peck on de wood make de bed go good.”

When de man found de three doors fastened what useter stand wide open he swelled up like pine lumber after a rain. First thing he tried to break in cause he figgered his strength would overcome all obstacles. When he saw he couldn’t do it, he ast de woman, “Who locked dis do’?”

 She tole ‘im, “Me.”

 “Where did you git de key from?”

“God give it to me.

He run up to God and said, “God, woman got me. locked ‘way from my vittles, my bed and my generations, and she say you give her the keys.”

 God said, “I did, Man, Ah give her de keys, but de devil showed her how to use ’em!”

“Well, Ole Maker, please gimme some keys jus’ lak ’em so she can’t git de full control.”

“No, Man, what Ah give Ah give. Woman got de key.”

“How kin Ah know ’bout my generations.

 “Ast de woman.”

So de man come on back and submitted hisself to de woman and she opened de doors. He wasn’t satisfied but he had to give in. ‘Way after while he said to de woman, “Le’s us divide up. Ah’Il give you half of my strength if you lemme hold de keys in my hands.”

De woman thought dat over so de devil popped and tol her, “Tell ‘im, naw. Let ‘im keep his strength and you keep y’ keys.”

 So de woman wouldn’t trade wid ‘im and de man had to mortgage his strength to her to live. And dat’s why de man makes and de woman takes. You men is still braggin’ ’bout yo’ strength and de women is sittin’ on de keys and lettin’ you blow off till she git ready to put de bridle on you.

Yes, I realize it’s not Biblical but, this is folklore. It still proves that there really is nothing new under the sun. Which is why it is so vital to read books. They are not a substitute for THE Book, but still. The older, the better.


10 thoughts on “Zora Hurston confirms Solomon’s declaration.

  1. elspeth says:

    Just occurred to me that there might be a need for one translation.

    “Mind” = “obey”

    So when the man says he wants to “make her mind” he means obey.

    That’s a distinctly Southern colloquialism that not everyone would be familiar with.

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  2. Bike Bubba says:

    Beautiful story, and there is something very sad in that you could never read this to elementary school students today because it talks of domestic violence and is written in black vernacular. The days when Mrs. Ertel could read Brer Rabbit to her class seem to be gone….


  3. elspeth says:

    It’s written in black vernacular, yes, but if you read “white” books written in old Southern dialect, the language is nearly the same with a couple of tweaks here and there.

    I like the story because it is so timeless, and speaks to truths that have nothing to do with Betty Friedan or The Matrix.

    Another thing occurred to me Bike, and it’s the reality that only Christ and His redemptive work and power can create the kind of harmony between a man and a woman that keeps his strength and her keys in check.

    It’s only when we let the devil have say in how we use our femininity (or masculinityfor men) that toxicity begins to set in to relationships.

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  4. Robyn says:

    I have to admit, it took me a few sentences to my mind in the right vernacular. I don’t know that I could read a whole book like it.

    I understand the Freiden remark. But why don’t you like The Matrix. (is it the Red Pill extrapolations)?


  5. elspeth says:

    My point was that what is described by some as a *new thing* is really as old as time itself. Funny that uneducated men sort of just understood it, complete with the insight that the devil influenced the perversion and misuse of God’s gift.

    But yes it was a reference to the red pill analogy, which I really do get, but am finding more akin to Pllato’s cave in its application. It leaves too many other truths in the dark.

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  6. Robyn says:

    I learn so much from you els! I’d only heard of Plato’s Republic, and knew nothing about the cave; it does fit. I want to read it, (along with paradise lost) … but alas, the time factor.

    So what you mean is, red pill IS the shadow of the truth?

    That’s kind of what I think too. The truth about relationships/marriage, that can only be “seen” in its true from (not shadow form) with the help of the Holy Spirit. Therefore can only be lived to its fullest and bring about its greatest, if you’re born again. Satan takes all things good and corrupts them, including the beauty of this attraction part between males and females.

    I think the patriarchy is the shadow (the world’s idea) of The Hierarchy structure God gave us.

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  7. elspeth says:

    Yes. It is A shadow of a truth among many about intersexual relationships.

    What we see happening is a focus shifted from one shadow (blue pill which obscures truths about women that have never been hidden from anyone paying a modicum of attention).

    The shift to so-called 💊 puts the focus on the sin natures of women at the expense of other truths.

    In other words, people -and not just on this subject- are making overall blanket judgments based on the shadows they see on the wall from of a sliver of light, a small flame so it were.

    But we can only see the fuller picture (we won’t see the whole this side of heaven) in the bright light of God’s truth.

    In the meantime we have people taking sides and throwing lobs based on whatever images on the cave wall they are currently focused on.

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  8. elspeth says:

    For the record, I am certainly more sympathetic to the view this story espouses else I wouldn’t have posted it.

    The difference is that over the past few years I decided that my biases fall hard and lack punch in the light of God’s truth.

    I will not pretend men don’t bear any responsibility for the current state of things nor that there are no women being hurt through no fault of their own which is where steadfast adherence to the 💊 ultimately leads.

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  9. Robyn says:

    Agreed. But to your second, I think men bear all the responsibility for their failing as God set the authority squarely on their shoulders. But women bear also bear responsibility for their own failings.


  10. elspeth says:

    Yes, we agree completely then. Women certainly bear responsibility for their own failings. My point -I should have been more clear- is that woman as well as men are bearing the brunt of the burden for the failings of those of us who should have done better to pave the way for them. Think under 30s.

    When we make a choice to focus on one group’s sin in any issue where more than one party is involved, we move farther and farther away from truth. Again, a different issue from when two people have an issue clearly caused by the blatant and egregious sin of the other.

    Saying that in no way diminishes the reality that women are given a lot of legal and social cover for our sinful tendencies. We certainly are, and a LOT of women take full advantage of the latitude given to use this story’s metaphorical keys to lock their men out of the bedroom and away from the cradle, if not the kitchen (restaurants abound these days!). Women have sinned greatly against men in blatantly obvious way over the past 60 years.

    Still doesn’t change the fact that both men and women have sinned against God and contributed to this current toxic situation and that the fallout is indeed harming good men and women who have played no part in the current state of affairs. They just get to try and pick through the rotten fruit and find something worth eating.

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