Go check out Ljubomir Farms!

Those of you who have followed my writing or commentary know that I am a big believer in supporting the business enterprises of people I know and admire. I also like to pass along a good word for them.

I am thankful that to date, every single book written or product made by friends has been high quality or worth advertising to my friends and readers. Today I am blessed to have another opportunity to support a stellar fledgling business

Scott and Mychael operate Ljubomir Farms, a hobby farm in Texas where they sell high quality home, kitchen, and food products for a fair price. I recently received a shipment of tea towels, which Mychael got to me in record time!


She also added a jar of blackberry lavender jam which I slathered on a biscuit with butter, temporarily suspending my hiatus on wheat products. Again, it was totally worth the splurge!

I want to add an extra bit of encouragement to support fledgling business endeavors by smaller online and local Christians who for obvious reasons can’t compete with the cheaper pricing of big box stores like Wal-mart or Target. It really is worth the bit of extra money or the slight bit of trouble to make this extra effort.

We often use the promise “you reap what you sow” to remind us to do right by others and refrain from doing ill. I like to think of it in the other direction more often. When you are blessing to others, especially fellow believers, you make deposits into you own resevoir of good will and blessing.

Of course, quality matters as well, and I would never suggest you buy unworthy products, but no worries on this one. Mychael’s tea towels and jam have my seal of approval.

Other books/items from my friends for wich you can find reviews here:

Wardrobe Communication, by Amy Fleming, aka Hearth.

You’re te Cream in My Coffee, by Jennifer Lamont Leo

Christmas stockings, handmade by Joanna.

At My Savior’s Feet, a Bible Study.

3 thoughts on “Go check out Ljubomir Farms!

  1. Mychael says:

    Elsbeth. Thank you so much for the wonderful review. I’m thrilled that you are enjoying your tea towels & jam. God bless you & your family.

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  2. Robyn says:

    This was honey to my soul! I’m a big believer in shopping as close as you can to where you live, or at the very least, your own country. Sometimes you can’t, I just bought a new laptop, of course, it came from overseas. Barring things like electronics, there’s still lots we CAN buy from this continent. It takes time and effort to research and discover these places. My guidelines are Canada (or USA if not Canada) and animal cruelty-free.

    One of my favourite touristy things to do in Edmonton is visit Fort Edmonton Park. I think I was born out of my rightful era LOL … I love it there, we usually go 2 or 3 times a summer:


    They have these billboards from the 1920s that remind me of just this very thing. They all say some different versions of this idea:

    “Your own income depends on the success of Edmonton stores and factories. SPEND YOUR MONEY WHERE YOU MAKE IT!”

    Anyway, I’ve probably rambled on in my excitement! Thanks for the link (I do plan on buying some tea towels btw)

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  3. hearthie says:

    Thank you again, Els.

    You reminded me to update my small business list on HRG, there were a couple who’d gone out of business. Thanks you.

    Supporting real folks is so important, and entirely satisfactory.

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