At My savior’s Feet: A Bible Study

I started this study on Monday, and when I am done with it six weeks from now, I may or may not offer a review. It is an exploration of the parables of Jesus.

You may notice that it is logged under the category, “My friend wrote this book!”. That is because a friend of mine, a flesh and blood friend, is indeed one of its authors. I am excited to dive into this and re-establish a steady morning routine that includes times of study. I read Scripture regularly of course, but it’s been a while since I committed to a sustained time of independent study. This is exciting on two levels for me.

The official start date was Monday, and there is a small fee for the full study. However, if you click on the link above you can get a free abbreviated version of the study’s daily verses.

Hello Mornings is an excellent site for mothers of many or any woman who likes tips and suggestions for fitting time in the word into your daily routine whether you have 5 minutes or 50 to do so.

Y’all know I plug my friends’ work, so… just go take a look, huh?



3 thoughts on “At My savior’s Feet: A Bible Study

  1. Robyn says:

    I like that you plug for the work of your friends! Also, I only got briefly into The Righteous Mind, I liked it, but was interrupted by our move and not sure if I’ll pick it back up again. Well, I will, I’m just not too sure when; you guys will probably have long finished it when I get back to it.

    Blogging/writing is difficult for me when I’m re-orienting (and it’s taking me much longer this time) … too many moves in the last 8 years I’m guessing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Elspeth says:

    I probably need to stop shuffling, hemming, and hawing. So I can write something for someone else to plug. My man has total faith that I can. I however am not so sure so I will just keep plugging friends.

    Liked by 1 person

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