Cultural colloquialisms aren’t dictionary worthy.

Not necessarily, anyway.

I liken it to including a hip hop dance number in the middle of a ballroom dancing exhibition.

Not every post-modern whim and trend deserves formal acknowledgement.


5 thoughts on “Cultural colloquialisms aren’t dictionary worthy.

  1. Bike bubba says:

    I’m reminded of times when I was in Europe, and the better language for me to talk with many was German, not my native English. Not that my German was that good, mind you, but that language had the advantage that I didn’t know the slang. :^)

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  2. Bike bubba says:

    Major: is there a problem with that? I’m confused! :^)

    Another bit of fun; about 15 years back, I got in trouble for using too many literary pictures in my conference calls with colleagues in Malaysia and Thailand. Boss felt people couldn’t understand it, and he was right; my American colleagues didn’t get the jokes, but my Asian colleagues did. Score one for British-style education.

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