One thought on “Mid-Book Musical Interlude

  1. Bike bubba says:

    Bummer it doesn’t feature some dancin’. (shameful Baptist I be…oh, and pint or two would be good, too…)

    My family has a friend in Liverpool who vividly remembers–having people “in both parades”, so to speak, in his own family–the parades of Catholics and Protestants commemorating St. Patty’s Day and the “Battle of the Boyne.” It’s a lot of fun now, but back in the day it was serious business where someone might get a bruise or worse. Liverpool was (is) a hotbed of this because it’s the major port where the ferries arrived from Dublin, and a lot of people decided to stay there.

    To this day, he’ll call himself a “heathen” because he really doesn’t want anything to do with either Anglican or Catholic….goes to a Salvation Army church.


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