Charlotte Mason Study Guide


Charlotte Mason Study Guide: A Simplified Approach to a Living Education, by Penny Gardner. Originally published in 1997.167 pages.

This one will be short and sweet. I picked up this book looking for practical tips for integrating Charlotte Mason’s methods into our homeschool curriculum. Instead, what I got was chapter after chapter of repetitive and poorly organized quotes on different areas of education and child rearing from Charlotte Mason’s writings.

The first 30 or so pages were helpful and inspiring, but after that it seems as if I was going in circles and there was little in the way of practical information, which was my entire purpose in reading the book.

Charlotte Mason’s original works are voluminous and expensive, but I suppose if I want a well rounded and complete outline of how her method looks in practice, I may have to spend the treasure and time required to get my hands on her stuff.

Grade: C-

3 thoughts on “Charlotte Mason Study Guide

  1. Bike Bubba says:

    My sister in law gave my family a set of Mason’s books, and it’s striking (IM(O) how much the popular view of Mason’s methods differs, in my view, from the “Pocket Full of Pinecones” view. I differ with Mason in some regards, thinking she gives more credence to Darwin and whole language reading instruction than I would, but other than that she had a lot to say that is worth reading. Nickel bet you’d give it a B+ or B.

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