El’s Rabbit Trails:Don’t believe the hype.

This is why we Floridians don’t heed warnings to evacuate from the hype master ratings chasers known as the news media.

Beach dwellers took a hit, which is to be expected. However given that our local news said Matthew would be “worse than Charley“, who tore off our roof, uprooted our oak tree, and tore apart our fencing, this turned out to be equivalent to an extended version of the typical Florida afternoon thunderstorm.

Our 10-year-old called this the “lamest hurricane ever”. Her parents on the other hand, are very thankful for the preservation of life, health and property. We are probably most grateful for the fact that we do not need to contact our homeowner’s insurance company.

It sucks that we have to go un-board everything, but we are more thankful than anything else.

Thanks for the prayers and well wishes.

7 thoughts on “El’s Rabbit Trails:Don’t believe the hype.

  1. Booky McBookerson says:

    Yeah I wish they wouldn’t do that. One day there will be something serious and no one will believe it. Better to be safe than sorry though either way. Glad you’re all OK!

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  2. hearthie says:

    Did you miss that? It was all over FB. Someone told me I was brave for not being worried. There had been a cluster of small quakes on San Andreas (which isn’t close to me anyway). But really – what am I watching for? Is there anything I can do about the earth moving under my feet? Nope. Get you upset for nothing.

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  3. Bike Bubba says:

    It would seem that, in light of the media, state, and federal authorities crying wolf so much, that smart people might do well to estimate the likely extent of damage from “unforseen Cat 4 storm without warning by government” and take some protective measures.

    Might also help if the government stopped paying a fair amount of the cost for flood insurance, of course. That might get a LOT of people out of the worst zones for hurricanes. “Sure, you can live here….but here’s the full cost of your house insurance…”

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