15 thoughts on “Coming Attractions…

  1. Maeve says:

    OK – Here’s in my reading list (and I had planned to hit on some of them last weekend, but was then overcome by fun, LOL).

    Somewhere in France (currently reading) by Jennifer Robson
    The Beekeeper’s Apprentice by Laurie R. King (Magistra read it, I think)
    Mary Tudor: Princess, Bastard, Queen by Anna Whitelock
    The Lake House, by Kate Morgan
    Queen Hereafter by Susan Fraser King
    Lady MacBeth by Susan Fraser King
    The Man in the High Castle, Philip Dick
    Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews

    Also….I got a huge B&N NOOK Credit Voucher as a result of the Apple Court Settlement, so you know i’m about to go on a spending spree… YAY ME!

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  2. Maeve says:

    I hope I love it because she has a HUGE backlist in that series.

    I’m also working my way through the Sebastian St. Cyr books and loving them!


  3. Maeve says:

    I have a NOOK and a Kindle and I do use them a lot for several reasons – primarily an issue of real estate (!!!!!!) and also it lets me take my reading material with me in a more compact manner.

    I have the “strictly for reading” NOOK/Kindle which are not backlit so I can read them in daylight. They’re also great when I can’t sleep – can read at night without the light on.

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  4. Robyn says:

    I miss the days of receiving those, ‘made with so much love little giftings’. I still have all mine. My girls be like, “why do you keep all that crappy stuff mom? Why don’t you only keep the newest ones; the best ones?” I look at them with horror, “How could I throw them out?! Besides, it won’t make sense until you have your own babies.”

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  5. Jenny says:

    My kids got their summer reading lists for book club, thought you would be interested in it. Don’t you teach this?
    Middle Readers will be reading:
    for July 5–James and the Giant Peach
    for July 12–Treasure Island
    for July 19–The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles
    for July 26–Journey to the Center of the Earth

    Early Independent Readers will be reading:
    for July 5–My Father’s Dragon
    for July 12–Llama in the Family
    for July 19–McBroom’s Wonderful One-Acre Farm
    for July 26–Toothpaste Millionaire

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  6. Elspeth says:

    Awesome list, Jenny! And yes. I did teach a literature based 2-3 grade class this past school year. It was very fun. I learned a lot as well.


  7. Elspeth says:


    Now that we have young adults in addition to the two youngsters, we get the fun of seeing how 8 and 9 year old react to the creations 21 and 22 year old made when they were their age.

    That has been a joy. And of course we keep their creations!

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  8. Maeve says:

    Majorly Excited Update…..

    So, Iseult has to read “Wide Sargasso Sea” by Jean Rhys over the summer for her AP English class, and it arrived yesterday.

    Guess what it’s about…the First Mrs. Rochester (you know, mad Bertha in the attic, from Jane Eyre)! I’ve already snagged it from her and moving through Part 1 – totally hooked! I’ll admit that I’m not exactly a Bronte fan (can an English Major even say that?), and Jane Eyre rather annoyed me in a lot of ways (I begin to see the makings of a rant a la Scarlet Letter, LOL), but this is a fascinating premise.

    The quote from the back of the book:

    ” Jean Rhys’ reputation was made upon the publication of this passionate and heartbreaking novel, in which she brings into the lift one of fiction’s most mysterious characters: the mad-woman in the attic from Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre

    A sensual and protected young woman, Anotoinette Cosway grows up in the lush, natural world of the Caribbean. She is sold into marriage to the coldhearted and prideful Rochester, who succumbs to his need for money and his lust. Yet he will make her pay for her ancestors’ sins of slaveholding, excessive drinking, and nihilistic despair by enslaving her as a prisoner in his bleak British home.

    In this best selling novel, Rhys portrays a society so driven by hatred, so skewed in its sexual relations, that it can literally drive a woman out of her mind.”

    Has anybody else read it?

    Els: Fixed your typo, Maevey.


  9. Elspeth says:

    Oh, Maevey! I love Jane Eyre, and I am absolutely going to get my hands on the Jane Rhys book.

    How am I EVER going to get through all the books I want to read? Le sigh…

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