El’s Rabbit Trails: Delicious is Down Edition

This blog has been tiptoeing through the tulips a lot lately, but that’s what happens when a moderately slow reader is reading a big book. It takes a while.

Anyway, these links would normally go over on the Delicious links list but Delicious has been down a few days, so I’m putting them here. I find them interesting.

Lastly, a video link which follows up on the stuff expressed in the Driscoll/Trump article. Albert Mohler and John MacArthur get into what it means about the true spiritual state of the American church:


7 thoughts on “El’s Rabbit Trails: Delicious is Down Edition

  1. hearthie says:

    The article is more balanced than the video implied, thanks for linkage.

    ” He repeats another common refrain when he attributes this evangelical support to a “narrative of injury” that “is leading them to look to scapegoats to explain their growing impotence.” Yes. I’ve heard anger described as fear + (something)

    I am still highly disturbed by the gentlemen in the video acting as if evangelicals should have certain standards of outside behavior when they freely admit that they know their hearts don’t match.

    I saw a Pat Buchanan article yday that talked about the effects of overtly Christian behavior leaving the public sphere and how that negatively affects society as a whole.

    I’m very much of two minds. On one hand, I know that acting “Christian” is good for everyone in our society, and it makes society itself run better. On the other, when we can see our need in front of our face, maybe we can do something about it. In the vein of a secret sin is more dangerous than the one in front of your face. Hypocrisy is bad, and it’s dangerous. At least now we know where we really are as a people, no matter how distressing that truth is.

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  2. Elspeth says:

    I am still highly disturbed by the gentlemen in the video acting as if evangelicals should have certain standards of outside behavior when they freely admit that they know their hearts don’t match.

    It is disturbing.


  3. Elspeth says:

    Okay, I have a minute.

    You know my spiel, Hearth. That this country has long prized propriety over piety. These preachers don’t seem to get that their lament is based on the ideals of a bygone era.

    Namely, that the season of time when it seemed Americans believed in a certain set of values regardless of faith was the residue form a time when Christian principles were the guiding force of morality. But at least back then (in the 40’s and 50’s) it wasn’t as apparent that the faith was eroding right there in the pews. “American exceptionalism” is a blinding principle to be sure.

    The fact that they are lamenting the fact that people have dropped the pretense is (as you said) disturbing.


  4. Elspeth says:

    Gonna add a couple of links:


    Booky unpacks the above article a bit over at her place.

    I’m going to add a Tommy Sotomayor video with a very BIG TRIGGER WARNING since he uses the occasional bit of foul language. However, this is one of my personal soapbox issues and I don’t really recoil from the truth on the basis of delivery. If you don’t like a couple cuss words, do yourself (AND ME) a huge favor and skip it:


  5. hearthie says:

    It disturbs me on two fronts. 1) Have they been outside this decade? and 2) This is truly their responsibility. As shepherds, they should be actively trying to do something about this. I know I KNOW I rave about my church all the time… but this is what’s on the bulletins for the duration of the current study (through the epistles of John): “As a pastor I am called to know the condition of the sheep of which
    I minister. While I believe you guys are in great shape, my heart is
    heavy for the overall body of Christ. I believe the Apostle John’s
    heart was as well.
    The close of the first century arrives and 3rd generation Christians
    are allowing compromise and apathy to spoil their passion for
    Jesus. John was concerned about genuine and authentic Christianity!
    So am I!
    John writes his 3 epistles to answer the question, “What makes
    Christians authentic?” The answer: truth, righteousness, and love.
    Held in perfect balance, they are a sign of genuine Christianity.
    I have titled our study Truth in Love. Truth without love is brutality
    and love without truth is hypocrisy. May we be a Church that hears
    the Truth in Love.
    No compromise, Pastor Mike”

    Uh, he’s in charge of just us. These guys are giants in their denominations. It hurts me. Is my vote more important than my life? My eternity? Is my skirt more important than my gossip? My propriety more important than my pride problem?

    I’ll just go back to listening to Francis Chan while I do the dishes I guess… 😛

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