Used Bookstores Rock (Oh, and Merry Christmas)!

A couple of weeks ago we cleared off the nightmare that was our bookshelf. Because I am constantly reading and always running into books that I feel are worth a look, it is not possible to keep thousands of books. We just don’t have the space in any room for a massive bookshelf. I suppose we do, but I’m a Spartan decorator. I need a certain amount of free space or the clutter feels unclean. I digress.

I said all that as a run up to my love of used bookstores, in particular those where you can take all the books you no longer want and get credit towards books that you do want. I do such a run at least twice a year to keep down book clutter. I savored the atmosphere this afternoon after my stocking stuffer run. In addition, I popped into Goodwill where I picked up a few more books. I thought I’d share my haul:

  1. The Problem of Pain, by C.S. Lewis
  2.  13 Women You Should Never Marry (and how every man can recognize them), by Mary Colbert
  3. The Well Trained Mind, by Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer
  4. Homeschool Your Child For Free by Laura Maery Gold and Joan Zielinski
  5. The Complete Book of Sewing (I got this because I am still mastering pattern markings and this book has a wonderful comprehensive layout in one chapter)
  6. Instructional Fair Grammar 3-4 (workbook of reproducibles)
  7. Write a Super Sentence grades 1-3 (another workbook of reproducibles)
  8. The Bell Curve, by Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein- For .75, I figure I might as well see what all the fuss was about. It’s a big book, and I haven’t had a chance to read it yet (I suspect neither have the thousands of people who’ve offered commentary on it), but I did steal a glance at the afterword. There, I stumbled across this quote from Charles Murray:

“I do not know how else to explain the extraordinary discrepancy between what The Bell Curve actually says about race and what many commentators have said that the book says…”

This made me instantly even more curious. I’ll discuss it here after I take the time read it, which may not be until mid 2016, but I will read it.

It was not my intention to post anymore this year but I have no shopping left to do, no Christmas hosting duties this week, and the usual pre-New Year’s deep cleaning was done last month. This resulted in time to trade in the old books and hang out in the bookstore, which my kids (younger and not so younger) all love to do.

This, I am certain is the last post of the year 2015. Let’s end it with what Christmas is all about:


Merry Christmas!

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