After far too many years reading screens more than books, I rekindled my love of reading. In fact for every half hour I read online articles and commentary, I spend an hour in a book. It has only been about two months since my experiment began, but the results have been revolutionary.

I decided it would be a grand idea to review the books I read, for several reasons. The first is simply that I love books, so to share the good or critique those not so good  with others who love reading excites me. The second is that I hope to encourage others who, like me, temporarily drifted away from books to go back to them.

I read fairly slowly, so after a flurry of reviews of books I read over the last few months, things will slow down as it takes me a week or two to read a book, sometimes three weeks depending on its size. I read everything; old and new, fiction and non fiction, short stories and long novels, christian and secular books. Variety after all, is the spice of life!

I still haven’t decided yet if I’ll be hosting a dialogue or simply dispersing reviews in monologue form. We’ll see how that goes as I have become fairly ambivalent about blog comment boxes.

If I decide to open up the comment box, feel free to call me by my name. Elspeth is an alias I used online for many years when anonymity was a paramount concern. It means “Chosen or consecrated by God”.  It’s a name worth keeping to remind me of Whose I am. However, if you know me as Terry, it’s fine for you use it.

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